Why are kneeling prayers read on Pentecost?

A special part of the Divine Liturgy on the day of Pentecost is that immediately after the Liturgy, Great Vespers is served, during which three special prayers of St. Basil the Great are read while kneeling.

It is worth noting that from this very day, for the first time after Pascha, the Church allows for prostrations.

The kneeling prayers contain petitions for the mercy of God, for the sending down of the Holy Spirit, and also prayers for the souls of the reposed. These prayers have their own special symbolic meaning. They were introduced into church service in order to give strength to the faithful while keeping within the church mood of piety and humility, and also to enable them, following the example of the apostles, to be in constant vigilance to receive the Grace of God.

Text of the Kneeling Prayers at Pentecost Vespers:

Prayer 1

O pure and blameless Lord, Who art without beginning, invisible and incomprehensible, unchangeable, immeasurable, and unbounded, Who art without evil and alone immortal, who dwellest in the unapproachable light, Maker of heaven and earth and the seas and all that was created therein, Who grantest to all their petitions before asking, to Thee we pray and of Thee we ask, O philanthropic Master, the Father of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and of the ever-virgin Mary, the noble Theotokos; Who first didst teach by word, and then gave testimony in deed while bearing the saving Passion, teaching us Thine unworthy, sinful, and miserable servants, to offer Thee our supplications with bent head and knee, for our sins and human ignorance.

Wherefore, O most merciful and philanthropic Lord, hear us on whatever day we call upon Thee, and especially on this day of Pentecost, whereon, after our Lord Jesus Christ had ascended into heaven and sat on Thy right hand, O God and Father, He sent down the Holy Spirit to his Disciples, the holy Apostles, Who alighted on each of them and filled them all with His inexhaustible and divine grace; and they did speak in strange tongues, prophesying Thy great deeds. Hear us who beseech Thee, and remember us, wretched and condemned. Deliver us from the (sinful) captivity of our souls by Thy loving intercession. Accept us, who kneel down before Thee and cry out: we have sinned. From birth, from the womb of our mother – we are Thine, O Lord – Thou art our God. But as our life passes in vanity, we have therefore been stripped of thine aid, and have become silent. Yet do we trust in Thy compassion and cry unto Thee. Remember not the sins of our youth and ignorance; cleanse us of our secret sins. Reject us not in our old age, and forsake us not when our strength fails. Before we return to the earth, prepare us to return to Thee. Measure our lawlessness with a measure of Thy generosity, and erect against our many transgressions a bottomless abyss of these generosities.

Look down from the height of Thy holiness upon Thy people who stand and await from Thee abundant mercy. Visit us with Thy goodness and deliver us from the force of Satan and preserve our life with Thy holy and solemn laws. Commit Thy people unto a faithful guardian angel. Gather us all unto Thy kingdom. Forgive those who put their trust in Thee, relinquish us and them from sin. Purify us by the operation of Thy Holy Spirit and remove from us the wiles of the adversary.

And the prayer: Blessed art Thou, Lord, Almighty Master, who illuminest the day with the light of the sun and the night with the glow of the moon, Who hast made us worthy to pass the course of the day and draw near to the onset of the night; hear our petitions and those of all Thy people. Forgive us all our sins, both voluntary and involuntary, and accept our evening supplications and send down the multitude of Thy mercies and compassions upon Thy people. Protect us with Thy holy angels. Arm us with the weapons of Thy truth. Envelop us with Thy righteousness. Preserve us by Thy power, and deliver us from every oppression and from every conspiracy of the cunning one. Grant us that this evening and the approaching night and all the days of our life may be perfect, holy, peaceful, sinless, without doubt and vain imaginings, by the intercessions of the holy Theotokos and all the saints who have done Thy will from the beginning of time.

Prayer 2

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Who residest with us in this life, and Who gavest mankind the world, and in Thine inalienable rule dost give to the true the gift of the Holy Spirit, this blessing Thou hast sent down more fully to Thy pupils and Apostles and dispensed into their mouths the fire of tongues, so that through them all mankind would receive knowledge of God and be enlightened by the light of the Spirit, being emancipated from seduction as from darkness and by their supernatural action learning to believe in the Son of God and to praise Him with the Father and the Holy Spirit as one Godhead, Power and Authority.

Wherefore, O Splendor of the Father, the Likeness of his Essence, His immutable and unchangeable Nature, Thou art the fountain of salvation and grace. Open my lips, sinner that I am, and teach me how and for what I should pray; for Thou dost know the multitude of my sins, but Thine unbounded compassion doth overcome the enormity thereof. Behold, I come and stand before Thee in fear and dismay, casting my soul’s despair into the depth of Thy mercy. Ordain my life, O Thou Who rulest the whole creation with ineffable wisdom. O tranquil Haven to those who are caught in the rages of winter, make known to me the way in which I should walk. Grant to my thoughts the spirit of Thy wisdom, and bestow upon my ignorance the spirit of Thy understanding. Overshadow mine acts with the spirit of Thy fear; a just spirit renew Thou within me, and by Thy Sovereign Spirit strengthen Thou mine unstable mind, that I may be worthy each day to do Thy commandments, being guided by Thy righteous Spirit into that which is profitable, ever mindful of Thy glorified (second) Coming, when we shall all be obliged to give an answer for our deeds. Let me not be led astray by the corrupting pleasures of this world, but strengthen me to delight in the treasures to come. For Thou, O Master, didst say, “Whatever ye ask in My Name ye shall receive” from God the Father co-eternal with Thee.

Therefore, I a sinner, implore Thy goodness on the day of the descent of Thy Holy Spirit. Grant Thou my request for salvation: yea, good Lord, Who grantest all riches and benevolence; for Thou art He, the merciful and pitying, Who givest us more than we ask, Who hast become a Partaker with us in the flesh without sin. Thou art He Who, for his love for mankind, dost have compassion for those who bend the knee to Thee, having become an offering for our sins. Grant, Lord, Thy compassion to Thy people, and incline Thine ear to us from Thy Holy heaven; sanctify us by the saving might of Thy right hand. Cover us with the shelter of Thy wings and turn not away from the product of Thy hands. Against Thee only do we sin, yet Thee only do we serve. We know not how to bow to a strange god, nor how to reach out to a different god. Pardon our iniquities, O Master, and accepting our requests on bended knee, extend to us all a helping hand, and accept the prayers of all as fragrant incense acceptable to Thy most righteous Kingdom.

And the prayer: Lord, Lord, Thou Who hast delivered us from every arrow (obstacle) that comes by day, save us from everything that walketh in darkness, and accept the lifting up of our hands as an evening offering. Consider us worthy to pass the night blamelessly and experience no evil. Deliver us from Satan. Free us from all confusion and fear. Grant our souls rapture, and our thoughts concern over our accountability at Thy just and terrible judgment. Transfix our flesh with Thy fear, and mitigate our members who are on earth, that in the tranquillity of sleep we may be enlightened by the meditation of Thy precepts. Drive from us every evil fancy and lasciviousness. Elevate us during our prayers, strengthened in faith and enriched by Thy commandments.

Prayer 3

O Christ our God, the ever-flowing Spring, life-giving, illuminating, creative Power, co-eternal with the Father, Who didst divinely achieve the deed of saving mankind, and didst tear apart the indestructible bonds of death, break asunder the bolts of Hades, and tread down the multitude of evil spirits, offering Thyself as a blameless Sacrifice and offering us Thy pure, spotless and sinless body: Who, by this fearsome, inscrutable divine service didst grant us life everlasting, O Thou Who didst descend into Hades, and demolish the eternal bars, revealing an ascent to those who were in the lower abode; Who with the lure of divine wisdom didst entice the dragon, the head of subtle evil and with Thy boundless power bound him in abysmal hell, in inextinguishable fire, and extreme darkness.

O Great Wisdom of the despairing! Overcomer of misfortunes – eminent helper, Who came and lit the way for those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death; Thou art the Lord of everlasting glory, the beloved Son of the Most High Father, eternal Light of eternal Light, Thou Sun of truth! Hear Thou us who beseech thee, and lay to rest the souls of Thy servants, of those who have died heretofore, and those of our fathers and brothers and other kinsmen in flesh and all others through faith, for whom we now celebrate this memorial; for Thou hast power over all, and in Thy hands Thou holdest all the boundaries of the earth.

O Almighty Master, God of our fathers, Lord of mercy and Creator of all the races of men, the living and the dead, and of all nature, animate and inanimate, Who appeared and resided here on earth and again departed into the other world, Who settest the years for the living and appointest the time for the dead, Who bringest down to Hades and raisest to bliss; who bindest with weakness and loosest with power; Who arrangest the present as is meet and Who directest the future towards usefulness, Who consolest with the hope of resurrection those who feel the sting of death 3/4 Thou art the Master of all, our God and our Savior, O Hope of all the boundaries of the earth and of those who are away on the seas, O Thou who on this last and great day of salvation, the day of the Feast of Pentecost, hast revealed to us the mystery of the Holy Trinity, consubstantial and co-eternal, indivisible and immiscible, Who didst send down the Holy and life-giving Spirit in the form of tongues of fire on His holy Apostles, revealing them as proclaimers of our godfearing faith, making of them true confessors and preachers of the word of God, Who makest us worthy that our propitiatory prayers, of this all-perfect day of salvation, be acceptable for those who are imprisoned in Hades, and Who grantest those imprisoned therein a great hope in receiving from Thee consolation and relief of their confining grief.

Hear us, disconsolate and wretched, who beseech Thee, and give rest unto the souls who have formerly departed, and make them to repose in a resplendent place, a place of verdure and coolness, where there are no ills nor sorrow nor sighs. And array their souls in the tabernacles of the righteous, and make them worthy of peace and repose; for it is not the dead who praise Thee, O Lord, nor do those who are in Hades venture to offer unto Thee confession, but we, the living, do bless Thee and supplicate Thee, O Lord, and offer unto Thee prayers of purification and sacrifices for their souls’ sake.

And the prayer: O great eternal God, holy and loving toward mankind, Who dost make us worthy to stand at this hour before Thine unapproachable glory, praising and glorifying Thy wonders, forgive us, unworthy sinners, and grant us grace that from a humble and contrite heart we may offer Thee the thrice-holy glorification and gratitude for Thy great gifts which Thou didst grant and dost still steadfastly grant unto us. Remember, Lord, our weakness and destroy us not in our iniquities; but in accordance with our humility show unto us Thy great mercy, that being delivered from the darkness of sin, we may walk in the day of truth, equipped with the armor of light, and freed from all the evil attacks of the wicked one, glorifying Thee in all things, O only true God and Lover of mankind.

For in truth, O Master and Creator of all, Thine is the great and original Mystery; the temporary death of Thy creatures, and their restoration thereafter unto eternal repose. In all things we acknowledge Thy favor, at our entrance into this world and at our going out therefrom, O Thou Who by Thy unfailing promises didst hold out to us the hope of everlasting life, resurrection, and incorruptible life, which shall be ours to enjoy at Thy Second Coming; for Thou, Lord Christ, art the fountain of our resurrection, the mankind-loving and incorruptible judge of the deceased and those worthy of reward. Thou hast assumed, with utmost condescension, our flesh and blood, and through Thine undying love for us, didst not dismiss Thy suffering, willingly submitting to torture; so that, having been tempted, Thou, as promised, became the helper to those who are tempted, elevating us to Thy dispassion.

Wherefore, O Master, accept our prayers and supplications, and grant repose to our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, blood relatives, and kinsfolk, and all those who have gone to their final rest with the hope of resurrection and life everlasting. Inscribe their names in the Book of Life; in the bosoms of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; in the land of the living, the Kingdom of Heaven, in the paradise of delight, leading all into Thy Holy dwelling places by Thy radiant angels, and raise their bodies on the day that Thou hast appointed, according to Thine unfailing Holy promises; for there is no death, O Lord, to Thy departing servants who cast off their bodies and come unto Thee, O God, but a transition from sorrowful things to pleasant and benign, to repose and joy. And if they have sinned (in any respect) against Thee, forgive them, and be Thou compassionate unto them and us; for there is none without stain before Thee, even though his life be but a day, save Thou alone, Jesus Christ our God, Who didst appear on earth without sin, and because of Thee we all trust to attain mercy and the remission of sins.

Therefore, O God, through Thy grace and love of mankind, weaken, remit and forgive our sins and theirs; overlook both our voluntary and involuntary offenses, which we have committed either willfully or through ignorance, openly or in secret whether by word, deed, or thought and all our wrathful dealings which we have committed during our lifetime. As for those who have preceded us, grant them emancipation and repose. To those of us who are here, bless us, and give us and all Thy people a blessed and peaceful end to life. At Thy fearsome and dreadful coming open to us Thy fathomless love of mankind, making us worthy of Thy Kingdom.

And the prayer: O Thou most exalted God, Who alone dost possess immortality, Who dwellest in the unapproachable light, Who in wisdom didst bring into being all creation, who didst separate between the light and the darkness, setting the sun to rule the day, and the moon and stars to rule the night, Who on this day didst vouchsafe us sinners as worthy through confession to present ourselves before Thy countenance and to offer to Thee our evening prayers.

And the prayer: O philanthropic God, set our prayers like incense before Thee, and receive them as a sweet fragrance. Grant that this evening and the approaching night may be peaceful and serene for us. Clothe us with the armor of light, and deliver us from nightly fears and from everything that walketh in darkness. Vouchsafe that the slumber which Thou didst grant us for rest from our weakness be also free from every satanic vision. Yea, O Master, Who providest good things for all, grant that in our lodgings, amid the night, we may with fervor recall Thy most Holy Name. Grant that being enlightened by the teachings of Thy commandments, we in spiritual joy would rise up to glorify Thy goodness, offering for Thy compassion petitions and supplications for our sins and those of all people, for which Thou, through the intercession of the Holy Theotokos, visitest upon us with mercy!



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Akathist to the Most Holy Mother of God Softener of Evil Hearts

Kontakion I

We cry out with heartfelt emotion to the chosen Virgin Mary, far nobler than all
the daughters of the earth, Mother of the Son of God, Who gave salvation to the
world: Look at our life which is filled with every sorrow and remember the
sorrow and pain which thou didst suffer as one born on earth with us, and do
with us according to thy merciful heart, that we may cry unto thee: Rejoice,
much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the hearts
of evil men!

Oikos I

An angel announced the birth of the Saviour of the world to the shepherds in the
Bethlehem and with the multitude of the heavenly hosts praised God, singing:
“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will among men!” But
thou, O Mother of God, having nowhere to lay thy head, since there was no room
in the inn, gave birth to thy first-born Son in a cave and, wrapping Him in
swaddling clothes, laid Him in a manger. Knowing the pain in thy heart, we cry
out to thee:
Rejoice, for thou wast warmed by the breath of thine own beloved Son!
Rejoice, for thou didst wrap the eternal Child in swaddling clothes!
Rejoice, for thou didst nourish with thy milk the One who sustaineth the
Rejoice, for thou didst turn a cave into a heaven!
Rejoice, for thou didst make thy throne upon the Cherubim!
Rejoice, for thou didst remain a virgin both in giving birth and after birth!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion II

Seeing the eternal Child swaddled and lying in a manger, the shepherds of
Bethlehem came to worship Him and to relate that which the Angels told them
about the Child. But Mary kept all these things in her heart. And after eight days
had passed Jesus was circumcised, according to the law of Israel, as a man.
Hymning thy humility and patience, O Theotokos, we sing to the Good God
Eternal: Alleluia!

Oikos II

Having their understanding based on God and keeping the Law of the Lord, on
the fortieth day when the days of purification were complete, His parents took
Jesus to Jerusalem so that they could present Him before the Lord and offer
sacrifice for Him according to the decree in the Law of the Lord. But we sing out
to thee, O Theotokos, thus:
Rejoice, for thou didst take the Creator of the universe to the Temple in
Jerusalem to fulfill the Law!
Rejoice, for thou didst there meet the Elder Simeon with joy!
Rejoice, thou only Pure and blessed one among women!
Rejoice, for with humility Thou didst carry thy cross adorned with sorrows!
Rejoice, for thou didst never disobey the will of God!
Rejoice, for thou didst reveal thyself as a model of patience and humility!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion III

Thou wast strengthened with power from on high, O Mother of God, when thou
didst hear the words of the Elder Simeon, when he said to thee: “Behold, this
Child is destined to be the rise and fall of many in Israel. This is a sign which will
be spoken against, and a sword will pierce thy very soul so that the thoughts of
many may be revealed.” And great sorrow entered the heart of the Theotokos,
and with grief she cried out to God: Alleluia!

Oikos III

Hastening to destroy the Child, Herod ordered the killing of all children in
Bethlehem and its environs, from two years of age and under according to the
time that he determined from the Magi. And behold, according to the command
of God, the Elder Joseph was informed by an angel in a dream to flee with the
Holy Family to Egypt and to remain there until the death of Herod. Therefore
with compunction, we cry out to thee, O Theotokos:
Rejoice for thou didst bear the entire turmoil of exile!
Rejoice for all the idols fell in the land of Egypt not being able to endure the
power of thy Son!
Rejoice for thou didst remain for seven years among the dishonorable pagans!
Rejoice, for thou didst arrive in Nazareth with the first-born Youth and with thy
Rejoice, for thou didst live with the Elder Joseph the carpenter in poverty!
Rejoice, for thou didst spend all thy time in hard labors!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften
our hearts and those of evil men!

Kontakion IV

A storm of sorrows whirled about the most pure Mother when they returned
from Jerusalem, not finding the young man Jesus in the caravan. For this reason
they returned to look for Him, and after three days they found Him in the
Temple, sitting among the teachers listening to them and asking them questions.
And His Mother asked Him, “Child, why hast Thou done this to us? Behold, Thy
father and I suffered greatly looking for Thee.” And Jesus answered them, ” Why
were ye looking for Me? Do ye not know about those things which My Father
has entrusted unto Me?” And Thou, O Most Pure One, kept all these sayings in
Thy heart, crying out to God: Alleluia!

Oikos IV

The Mother of God heard that Jesus traveled through all of Galilee, teaching in
their synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and healing all kinds of
illness and infirmity among the people. And His reputation spread through all of
Syria and they brought Him every kind of illness and the suffering and those
tormented by demons and the paralyzed and He healed them. But thou, O
Mother of God, knowing the prophecy, sorrowed in thy heart, knowing that very
soon the time would come when Thy Son would present Himself as a sacrifice
for the sins of the world. For this reason we bless thee, much- sorrowing Mother
of God, crying out:
Rejoice, for thou didst give thy Son to the service of the Jewish people!
Rejoice, for thou didst sorrow in thy heart, but didst submit to the will of God!
Rejoice, for thou didst save the world from the deluge of sin!
Rejoice for thou didst crush the head of the ancient serpent!
Rejoice, for thou didst offer thyself as a living sacrifice to God!
Rejoice, O blessed one, the Lord is with Thee!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion V

Preaching the Kingdom of God on earth, Jesus exposed the arrogance of the
Pharisees who imagined themselves to be righteous. So when they heard His
parables they understood it was about themselves that He was speaking and
they sought to arrest Him, but they feared the people who considered Him to be
a prophet. Seeing all of this, the Mother of God sorrowed for her beloved Son
and feared that they would kill Him, in affliction crying out: Alleluia!

Oikos V

Some of the Jews, seeing the resurrection of Lazarus, went to the Pharisees and
told them what Jesus had done. And Caiaphas, who was the high priest that
year, said, “It will be better for us that one man die for the people, so that the
whole nation would not perish.” From that day on they took counsel about how
they would kill Him. But we cry out to thee, O Most Pure One:
Rejoice, thou who gavest birth to the Saviour of the world!
Rejoice, source of our salvation!
Rejoice, for thou wast chosen from birth to be the Mother of our Saviour!
Rejoice, Mother of God, destined for suffering!
Rejoice, O blessed one, who dost preside as Queen of Heaven!
Rejoice, O blessed one, thou who always prays for us!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion VI

Once a preacher of the Word of God, and now a traitor, Judas Iscariot, one of the
twelve apostles, went to the high priest to betray his Teacher. They listened to
him, were exceedingly pleased and promised to give him thirty pieces of silver.
But thou, O Mother of God, didst sorrow for thy beloved Son, and didst cry out
in grief to God: Alleluia!

Oikos VI

Taking part in the Last Supper with the disciples at which the Teacher washed
their feet, thereby revealing an example of humility, Christ said to them, “One of
you will betray Me.” But we, suffering with the Mother of God, cry out to Her:
Rejoice, Mother of God, languishing with the torture of thy heart!
Rejoice, Thou who didst suffer all in this most sorrowful vale!
Rejoice, Thou who didst find comfort in prayer!
Rejoice, joy of all who sorrow!
Rejoice, Thou who dost save us from the mire of sin!
Rejoice, vessel filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit!
Rejoice, much- sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften
the hearts of evil men!

Kontakion VII

Desiring to show His love for the human race, the Lord Jesus Christ at the
Mystical Supper, blessed and broke bread, and gave it to His disciples and
apostles, saying: “Take, eat, this is My Body.” And taking the chalice and giving
praise gave it to them saying: “All of you drink of this, this is My Blood of the
New Covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Thanking the
compassionate God for His ineffable mercy to us, we sing to Him: Alleluia!

Oikos VII

The Lord revealed a new sign of His mercy to His disciples when He promised to
send them the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, Who would descend from the
Father and would witness concerning Him. But to thee, O Mother of God,
sanctified again on the day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit, we cry:
Rejoice, mansion of the Holy Spirit!
Rejoice, brilliantly-illuminated bridal chamber!
Rejoice, spacious dwelling place of God the Word!
Rejoice, thou who didst open for us the gates of paradise by Thy giving of birth!
Rejoice, thou who didst reveal the sign of divine mercy Himself to us!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion VIII

It is at once very strange and sorrowful for us to hear how Judas Iscariot
betrayed his Teacher and Lord with a kiss. Then the crowd and the commander
and the servants of the Jews arrested Jesus, and bound Him, and led Him first to
the chief priest Ananias, and then to the high priest Caiaphas. But thou, O
Mother of God, expecting the death sentence for thy beloved Son, cried out to
God: Alleluia!

Oikos VIII

All of the Jews led Jesus from Caiaphas to the Praetorium to Pilate, saying that
He was a criminal. But Pilate, after questioning Him, told them that he could not
find any fault at all in Him. But we cry out to thee with compunction, O Mother
of God, who saw the slander of Thy Son:
Rejoice, thou whose heart was broken by woe!
Rejoice, for thou didst shed tears for thy Son!
Rejoice, thou who didst see thy beloved Child given over to trial!
Rejoice, for thou didst suffer everything without complaint like a true
handmaiden of the Lord!
Rejoice, despite thy weeping and lamentation!
Rejoice, O Queen of Heaven and earth, who dost accept the prayers of thy
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion IX

All generations bless thee, who art more honorable than the Cherubim and
beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim, our Lady and the Mother of
our Redeemer, for thy birth-giving has brought joy to the whole world. But thou
didst suffer the final great sorrow when thou saw thy beloved Son insulted,
whipped, and sentenced to death. For this reason we present our heartfelt hymn
to thee, O Most Pure One, singing to God Almighty: Alleluia!

Oikos IX

Loquacious orators are not able to describe all of the suffering which Thou
endured, our Saviour, such as when the soldiers placed a crown woven out of
thorns on Thy head and dressed Thee in a purple robe, saying, “Hail, King of the
Jews!” and slapped Thee across the face. But we, Mother of God, recognizing thy
suffering, cry out to thee:
Rejoice, thou who didst behold thy Son slain for our sake!
Rejoice, seeing Him dressed in purple and wearing a crown of thorns!
Rejoice, seeing Him tortured, whom thou didst nourish with thy milk!
Rejoice, thou who didst suffer His Passion together with Him!
Rejoice, thou who didst watch all His disciples forsake Him!
Rejoice, thou who didst see Him condemned by the judgement of the
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion X

Wanting to save Jesus, Pilate said to the Jews, “We have a custom to release a
prisoner on the feast of Passover. Do you want me to give you the King of the
Jews?” All of them shouted, saying, “Not Him, but Barabbas!” We praise the great
mercy of the Heavenly Father, Who so loved the world, that He gave His onlybegotten Son to death on the Cross in order to redeem us from eternal death, as
we cry out to Him: Alleluia!

Oikos X

Be a wall and a fortification unto us, O Lady, who are overburdened by sorrows
and suffering. For thou thyself didst suffer hearing the Jews shouting, “Crucify,
crucify Him!” Now hear us crying out unto thee:
Rejoice, Mother of mercy, who wipest away every tear from those who suffer
cruelly! Rejoice, thou who grantest us tears of heartfelt compunction!
Rejoice, thou who savest lost sinners!
Rejoice, Protection of Christians that cannot be put to shame!
Rejoice, thou who savest us from our passions!
Rejoice, thou who grantest comfort to broken hearts!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion XI

We offer a hymn of heartfelt sorrow to the Saviour of the world for His voluntary
Passion and carrying His Cross to Golgotha to be crucified. Standing at Jesus’
Cross are His Mother, Mary Cleopas, and Mary Magdalene. But Jesus, seeing His
Mother and His disciple whom He loved standing there, said to His disciple,
“Behold thy mother!” And from that time the disciple took her into his family.
But thou, O Mother of God, seeing Thy Son and Lord on the Cross was
devastated, and cried out to God on high: Alleluia!

Oikos XI

“O my Son and Pre-eternal God, Fashioner of all creation! O Lord, how canst
Thou endure the suffering on the Cross?” the pure Virgin cried, saying: “By Thy
awesome birth, O my Son , I have been exalted above all mothers, but woe is me!
Now when I see Thee, my womb burns within me.” But we shed tears
remembering thee, and cry out to thee:
Rejoice, thou who was deprived of joy and merriment!
Rejoice, thou who didst see the voluntary passion of thy Son on the Cross!
Rejoice, thou who didst see thy beloved Son sore wounded!
Rejoice, ewe lamb, seeing thy Son as a lamb being led to slaughter!
Rejoice, thou who didst see the Deliverer of the wounds of soul and body
covered with wounds!
Rejoice, thou who didst see thy Son rise from the dead!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion XII

O All merciful Saviour, grant us mercy, breathing out Thy Spirit on the Cross
and tearing up the handwriting of our sins. “Behold, my good Light, my God, is
extinguished on the Cross!” the Virgin in great anguish exclaimed. “O Joseph,
hasten to Pilate, approach him and ask him to take thy Teacher down from the
Cross.” “Seeing Thy wounded Body, naked and without glory, on the Cross, O
my Child, a sword has pierced my soul according to the prophecy of the Elder
Simeon,” said the Mother of God, singing: Alleluia!

Oikos XII

Hymning Thy mercifulness, O Lover of mankind, we bow down to Thy generous
mercy, O Master. The Most Pure one said, “Wishing to save Thy creature, thou
hast given Thyself over to death.” But by Thy resurrection, O Saviour, have
mercy on all of us, while we address Thy most pure Mother:
Rejoice, thou who didst see the most good Lord dead and without breath!
Rejoice, thou who didst kiss the body of thy beloved Son!
Rejoice, thou who didst see thy Light as a naked and wounded corpse!
Rejoice, thou who didst place the Light of the world in the tomb!
Rejoice, thou who didst wrap His body in a new shroud!
Rejoice, thou who beheld His Resurrection from the dead!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion XIII

O All-hymned Mother, crushed by thy sorrow at the Cross of thy Son and God,
accept our tears and expressions of sorrow and save from every sorrow,
affliction, and eternal death, all those who hope in thine ineffable
kindheartedness and cry out to God: Alleluia!

Oikos I

An angel announced the birth of the Saviour of the world to the shepherds in the
Bethlehem and with the multitude of the heavenly hosts praised God, singing:
“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will among men!” But
thou, O Mother of God, having nowhere to lay thy head, since there was no room
in the inn, gave birth to thy first-born Son in a cave and, wrapping Him in
swaddling clothes, laid Him in a manger. Knowing the pain in thy heart, we cry
out to thee:
Rejoice, for thou wast warmed by the breath of thy own beloved Son!
Rejoice, for thou didst wrap the eternal Child in swaddling clothes!
Rejoice, for thou didst nourish with thy milk the One who sustaineth the
Rejoice, for thou didst turn a cave into a heaven!
Rejoice, for thou didst make thy throne upon the Cherubim!
Rejoice, for thou didst remain a virgin both in giving birth and after birth!
Rejoice, much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the
hearts of evil men!

Kontakion I

We cry out with heartfelt emotion to the chosen Virgin Mary, far nobler than all
the daughters of the earth, Mother of the Son of God, Who gave salvation to the
world: Look at our life which is filled with every sorrow and remember the
sorrow and pain which thou didst suffer as one born on earth with us, and do
with us according to thy merciful heart, that we may cry unto thee: Rejoice,
much-sorrowing Mother of God, turn our sorrows into joy and soften the hearts
of evil men!

Prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God “The Softener of Evil Hearts”

O much-sorrowing Mother of God, more highly exalted than all other maidens,
according to thy purity and the multitude of thy suffering endured by thee on
earth: Hearken to our sighs and soften the hearts of evil men, and protect us
under the shelter of thy mercy. For we know no other refuge and ardent
intercessor apart from thee, but as thou hast great boldness before the One who
was born of thee, help and save us by thy prayers, that without offence we may
attain the Heavenly Kingdom where, with all the saints, we will sing the thriceholy hymn to One God Almighty in the Trinity, always now and ever and unto
ages of ages. Amen.

Source: https://www.stinnocentchurch.com/files/Akathist-to-the-Mother-of-God—Softener-of-Evil-Hearts.pdf

Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God

Kontakion 1
O Chosen by the pre-eternal God, Queen of heaven and earth higher than all creation, who hast in days past entered praying into the Church of the Blachernae we, offering Thee with thanksgiving due veneration, flee with faith and compunction under Thy shining vestment for we lie in darkness. And Thou who hast invincible power dost set us free from every affliction that we may cry to Thee:
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Ikos 1
Archangels and angels with John the Forerunner, John the Divine and the choir of all the saints, were present with Thee, their Queen, in the Church of the Blachernae and hearing Thy moving supplication for all the world, they cried out with wonder as follows:
Rejoice, O pre-eternal good will of God the Father Who has no beginning of days.
Rejoice, timeless and most pure who contained God the Son.
Rejoice, Thou chosen dwelling-place of God the all-holy Spirit.
Rejoice, Thou never-ceasing wonder of the angelic hosts on high.
Rejoice, Thou all-threatening terror of the dark forces of hell.
Rejoice, Thou whom the many-eyed cherubim meet in the air.
Rejoice, Thou to whom the six-winged seraphim ascribe praises.
Rejoice, Thou whose most precious veil we born on earth thankfully venerate.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 2
Saint Andrew with Epiphanios having seen Thee inside the Church praying God in the air for all Christians, acknowledged Thee to be the Mother of Christ our God Who ascended into heaven and falling to the ground they joyfully venerated Thine all-precious veil, crying: Alleluia!

Ikos 2
Thou, O Theotokos Virgin art knowledge unknowable in defense of Orthodox people. Therefore our enemies know not how strong is the prayer of the Mother of God: while we well aware of Thine all-mighty protection cry to Thee with tender feeling:
Rejoice, Most merciful Comforter of all the afflicted and heavy laden.
Rejoice, never sleeping Guide of all those who have strayed and gone blind.
Rejoice, Thou who by Thy supplication dost swiftly appease the wrath of God rightly poured out on us.
Rejoice, Thou who by an all-powerful behest dost tame our evil passions.
Rejoice, strong waker of sleeping consciences.
Rejoice, easy overcomer of sinful practices.
Rejoice, Thou for whose sake hell groans and the spirits of evil tremble.
Rejoice, Thou for whose sake the gates of paradise are opened to all.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 3
Power from on high overshadows those who run for refuge with faith and reverence to Thy precious protection: for to Thee alone, O all holy and all pure only Mother of God is it given that every petition of Thine be fulfilled. Therefore the faithful of all ages glorify Thee and Thy Son, crying: Alleluia!

Ikos 3
O Lady, having a never-failing wealth of mercy, Thou dost stretch the hand of help to all the ends of the earth: and dost give healing to the sick, relief to the suffering, sight to the blind, and to all everything that is expedient for them as they cry aloud in thanksgiving:
Rejoice, indestructible fortress and bulwark of Orthodox kingdoms.
Rejoice, principle adornment of holy churches and altars.
Rejoice, truest guard of holy monasteries.
Rejoice, vigilant Helper of stouthearted city governors.
Rejoice, unconquerable Leader of Christian captains and armies.
Rejoice, holy mirror of justice for judges who take no bribes.
Rejoice, perfect knowledge for teachers and those who bring up children.
Rejoice, Blessing of pious homes and families.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 4
O Lady, Thou dost help us held fast by a storm of many afflictions: for Thou dost stand before the altar of the Lord, lifting Thine hands and praying that the Lord of glory look down on our unworthy prayer and hearken to the petitions of those who call upon Thy holy Name crying to Thy Son: Alleluia!

Ikos 4
The Lord God heard Joshua, son of Nun, praying and He commanded the sun to stand still until he defeat the enemy. The Lord Jesus now hears Thy supplication, O chosen dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we sinners, putting our trust in Thy protection, make bold to say to Thee, Mother of God:
Rejoice, Thou who art lit by the Sun of the mind and who dost enlighten us with the light that never sets.
Rejoice, Thou who hast illumined the whole earth by the brightness of Thy most pure soul.
Rejoice, Thou who hast made glad the whole heavens by the purity of Thy body.
Rejoice, Protector and Provider of the holy monasteries of Christ.
Rejoice, Thou who art the strength and understanding of the pastors of the Church.
Rejoice, Guide of God-fearing monks and nuns.
Rejoice, untroubled rest of the pious aged.
Rejoice, secret gladness of pure virgins and widows.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 5
When Moses who saw God lifted his arms while the battle with Amalek raged, Israel overcame and when he let his hands fall, Amalek was victorious and strengthened by those who hold up his arms, Israel defeated the enemy: and Thou, O Mother of God, having raised Thine hands in supplication, even though no man hold them up, dost always conquer the enemies of Christ and art an invincible shield for us who cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 5
The assemblies of saints when they had seen Thee in the air inside the church of the Blachernae stretching Thy hands in prayer to Thy Son and God, sang Thee a song in thanksgiving with the archangels and angels: while we, our hands fortified by Thee made stronger than the arms of Moses, cry aloud with compunction:
Rejoice, Thou whose love and mercy towards us alone hold up Thine hands for us.
Rejoice, Thou before Whom our enemies, visible and invisible, cannot stand.
Rejoice, Thou who drivest away the dark hordes of our passions and lusts.
Rejoice, Thou who holdest in Thine hand without being consumed, the divine fire of Christ and who with it dost set us in our coldness aflame.
Rejoice, Thou who crownest with a fair crown of chastity those who fight against the flesh.
Rejoice, Thou perpetual Converser with those who strive in fasting and silent prayer.
Rejoice, Thou speedy Comforter of those who fall from despair and sadness.
Rejoice, Thou who dost by grace provide us with humility and patience.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 6
Saint Roman the Melodion, appeared as an unfailing proclaimer of Thy grace and mercy when he had received from Thee in a dream a paper roll to swallow: for thereby made wise, he began to sing with skill in Thine honour and to write praises for the saints, calling out with faith: Alleluia!

Ikos 6
O Virgin, Maid of God, who hast shone forth the Dawn from the true Sun of righteousness, enlightening all with the wisdom of Thy God and Son and who leadest all to knowledge of the truth those who cry to Thee:
Rejoice, Thou who hast given birth to Christ in the flesh, Power of God and wisdom of God.
Rejoice, Thou who hast confounded the foolish wisdom of this world, and who hast guided those blinded by it on the way of truth.
Rejoice, Preserver of our holy faith and teacher of Orthodox dogma.
Rejoice, Uprooter of impious heresies and corrupting divisions.
Rejoice, Thou who well knowest secret and unforeseen difficulties and dost tell those whom it is proper about them.
Rejoice, thou who puttest to shame false seers and vain divining.
Rejoice, Thou who in the hour of perplexity dost put a good thought in our hearts.
Rejoice, Thou who dost turn us from perilous purposes and senseless desires.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 7
The all-seeing, long-suffering Lord, wishing to manifest the unsearchable deep of His mercies and love for mankind, chose Thee alone to be His Mother, and made Thee into an invincible defense for His people: that even though one of them appear worthy of condemnation by the righteous judgement of God, yet all the more shall he be preserved for repentance by Thy mighty protection, crying: Alleluia!

Ikos 7
O Lord, Thou hast shown in Thine all-pure Mother, how wonderful are Thy works when Her most marvellous veil was revealed in Her hand shining brighter than the rays of the sun and with it She protected the people in the Church of Blachernae: for hearing of such a sign of Her defense, held by fear and joy, all say:
Rejoice, thou veil not made by hand of man that is spread over the whole world like a cloud.
Rejoice, Thou who dost hold in Thine hands the banner of Thy Son, the pre-eternal Bishop.
Rejoice, Thou who hast thereby made manifest a new mercy and new grace in the Orthodox Church.
Rejoice, pillar of cloud who protects all of us in the world from temptations and scandals.
Rejoice, pillar of fire amidst the darkness, showing us all the path of salvation.
Rejoice, visible strength of manifest strivers for godliness.
Rejoice, secret Giver of understanding to the secret servants of God in this world.
Rejoice, Thou who also leavest not without Thy grace and protection me who am stripped of all good works.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 8
Angels sang Thy praises when Thou didst appear in wondrous wise from heaven in the Church of the Blachernae and apostles gave Thee glory. The choir of holy Bishops and monks and the band of holy women extolled Thee, the Forerunner with John the Divine venerated Thee, and the people present in the Church cried aloud with joy: Alleluia!

Ikos 8
The Lord Who reigns over all things above and below, when He had seen Thee, His Mother, standing in the Church and praying with tender feeling to Him, said: Ask, O my Mother, because I shall never turn from Thee but will fulfil all Thy petitions and teach all to sing to Thee in thanksgiving:
Rejoice, Ark of the law in which is kept the sanctification of all mankind.
Rejoice, all-holy Jar in which the bread of eternal life is preserved for those who hunger for righteousness.
Rejoice, all-golden Vessel in which the flesh and blood of the divine Lamb are prepared for us.
Rejoice, Thou who dost receive in Thine all-powerful arms those forsaken by the physicians.
Rejoice, Thou who dost raise from their bed of sickness those crippled in body but not in spirit and faith.
Rejoice, Thou who givest a new and better understanding to those who are perishing from infirmity of mind.
Rejoice, Thou who dost wisely trip us up on the stubborn path of sin and passion.
Rejoice, Thou who dost turn to mercy the cruelty of our unrepentant hearts.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 9
The whole assembly of angels offers Thee praises, Thou true Mother of God and Defender of all who run to Thee, knowing how with Thine unfailing protection Thou dost
Rejoice the righteous, protect and deliver the poor, and pray for all the faithful crying: Alleluia!

Ikos 9
The wordy orators, become as dumb fish, are at a loss as to how to praise as is due, the great feast of Thine all-precious protection: for all the things said by them about Thee suffice not to number Thy mercies alone. And we, seeing Thy good works without number, cry with gladness:
Rejoice, Thou who dost guard us from the deadly plague in which all perish.
Rejoice, Thou who dost preserve cities and villages from sudden earthquakes.
Rejoice, Thou who dost lead us out with Thy strong arm from flood and drowning.
Rejoice, Thou who by the dew of Thy prayers dost deliver us from the kindling of fire.
Rejoice, Thou who dost provide against hunger of soul and body by the Bread of life.
Rejoice, Thou who dost lead away from our heads the blows of lightning and thunder.
Rejoice, Thou who dost save us from the attacks of strangers and secret murderers.
Rejoice, Thou who dost guard us with peace and love against family quarrels and the enmities of those of our own blood.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 10
Wishing to save mankind from the error of the enemy, the Lord Who loves mankind gave us on earth Thee His Mother to be our help, protection and defense, for Thee to be the Comforter of those that sorrow, the Joy of the afflicted, the Defender of the injured, and to raise all from the depth of sin, singing: Alleluia!

Ikos 10
“O King of heaven,” spoke the all-pure Queen in prayer as She stood with the angels, “do Thou accept every man praying to Thee and calling upon my name for help, that he go not away from my face empty and unheard.” Hearing this most good supplication, the assemblies of the saints cried in thanksgiving:
Rejoice, Thou who crownest with blessed fruits the husbandmen pure in hand and heart.
Rejoice, Succour and righteous Rewarder for all those who honestly trade.
Rejoice, Reprover before all nations of those who keep not their oaths and whose gains are unjust.
Rejoice, unexpected Helper of those in distress in their travels by land and water.
Rejoice, Thou who makest glad with the fruits of faith and the spirit childless couples.
Rejoice, unseen Tutor of motherless orphans.
Rejoice, strong Defender of those in captivity and exile.
Rejoice, ever-watchful Guardian of those sitting in bonds and prison.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 11
Hearing a most moving song and attending to Thy prayer for us, we beg Thee, O Virgin Theotokos, look not away from the voices of Thy servants for we run to Thee in assaults and affliction and in our distress we pour out our tears before Thee, crying: Alleluia!

Ikos 11
Seeing Thee in the air inside the Blachernae Church burning in prayer as a candle aflame with light, I gave voice together with a multitude of people there present: how can this be that the Mother of my Lord has come to me? And Saint Andrew with Epiphanios prayed warmly to Thee, crying:
Rejoice, abundant Giver of all spiritual and bodily gifts.
Rejoice, true Advocate of sinners who have started to repent.
Rejoice, perpetual Champion of those fighting with enemy passions and intents.
Rejoice, invisible Tamer of cruel and bestial masters.
Rejoice, secret Rest and Consolation of humble and suffering servants.
Rejoice, most longed-for Fulfiller of blessed marriages.
Rejoice, swift and painless relief of mothers in childbirth.
Rejoice, our only Help in the hour of death.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 12
Ask Thy Son to give us divine grace; stretch towards us a helping hand; ward off from us every enemy and adversary and give our lives peace that we parish not grievously without repentance, but accept us, O our Protector, in the eternal mansions, that, rejoicing we may cry to Thee: Alleluia!

Ikos 12
Singing the praises of Thy mighty protection, we praise Thee for Thou art to us all our firm Advocate and we venerate Thee who dost pray for us: for we believe and we trust that Thou wilt beg of Thy Son and God eternal and temporal good things for all who cry thus to Thee with love:
Rejoice, strong Defense of the whole inhabited earth.
Rejoice, sanctification of all the earthly and heavenly elements.
Rejoice, Thou Blessing of all the seasons of the year.
Rejoice, Thou Conqueror of all assaults and temptations that come from the world, the flesh and the devil.
Rejoice, unhoped for Reconciliation of those who are at daggers drawn.
Rejoice, Amendment without their knowledge of unrepentant sinners.
Rejoice, Thou who dost not turn away those despised and forsaken by all.
Rejoice, Thou who dost pluck from the pit of destruction those that indeed despair.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 13 [3 times]
O all-praised Mother, Most pure Lady, Virgin, Theotokos, to Thee do I lift up the eyes of my soul and body, to Thee do I stretch forth my hands grown feeble and I cry from the depth of my heart: look down on the faith and humility of my soul; shelter me with Thy almighty protection, that I be saved from all assault and distress, and in the hour of my death, be by me, O Thou all-blessed, and deliver me from the torment prepared for me because of my sins, that, venerating Thee, I may ever cry: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Ikos 1 Repeated
Archangels and angels with John the Forerunner, John the Divine and the choir of all the saints, were present with Thee, their Queen, in the Church of the Blachernae and hearing Thy moving supplication for all the world, they cried out with wonder as follows:
Rejoice, O pre-eternal good will of God the Father Who has no beginning of days.
Rejoice, timeless and most pure who contained God the Son.
Rejoice, Thou chosen dwelling-place of God the all-holy Spirit.
Rejoice, Thou never-ceasing wonder of the angelic hosts on high.
Rejoice, Thou all-threatening terror of the dark forces of hell.
Rejoice, Thou whom the many-eyed cherubim meet in the air.
Rejoice, Thou to whom the six-winged seraphim ascribe praises.
Rejoice, Thou whose most precious veil we born on earth thankfully venerate.
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

Kontakion 1 Repeated
O Chosen by the pre-eternal God, Queen of heaven and earth higher than all creation, who hast in days past entered praying into the Church of the Blachernae we, offering Thee with thanksgiving due veneration, flee with faith and compunction under Thy shining vestment for we lie in darkness. And Thou who hast invincible power dost set us free from every affliction that we may cry to Thee:
Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious Veil.

First Prayer

O all-holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the hosts on high, Thou Queen of heaven and earth and almighty Defender of our country, accept from us Thine unworthy servants this song of praise and thanksgiving and bring our prayer up to the throne of Thy God and Son, that He be merciful towards our unrighteousness, and extend His grace to those who honour Thy name and venerate with faith and love Thy wonder-working ikon. For we are not worthy to be forgiven by Him hadst Thou, O Lady, not made Him merciful towards us, for all things from Him are possible to Thee. Therefore we run to Thee as Thou art our swift and undoubted Protector. Hear us who pray to Thee: overshadow us with Thine almighty veil and ask from Thy God and Son zeal and vigilance for our shepherds, wisdom and strength for the souls of those who govern our cities, righteousness and impartiality for our judges, understanding and humility for our leaders, love and concord for the married, obedience for our children, patience for those who have been offended, the fear of God for those that offend, stoutheartedness for the afflicted, restraint for those that rejoice, and for all of us the spirit of understanding and godliness, the spirit of mercy and meekness, the spirit of chastity and truth. Yea, O all-holy Lady, be merciful towards Thy feeble people: gather together the dispersed, guide on the right way those that have gone astray, uphold old age, make the young pure, bring up the children and look down upon all of us with the care of Thy merciful protection. Raise us from the depth of sin and enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see salvation. Be merciful to us both here and yonder, during our wandering in the land of this earth and at the Last Judgement of Thy Son: and make our fathers and brothers who have departed this life live the eternal life with the angels and all the saints. For Thou, O Lady, art the glory of those in heaven and the trust of those on earth. After God, Thou art the hope and Defender of all who flee to Thee with faith. We then pray to Thee and to Thee as our almighty Helper, do we commend ourselves and one another, now and for ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Source: https://www.angelfire.com/planet/parastos/akathistprotection.html

History of the Rite of The Exaltation of the Cross

The special service at the end of the All-night vigil or the rite of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was established in Jerusalem shortly after the Finding of the Cross. In memory of that event and the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Lectionary of the 5th century in Armenian language tells about the rite of the Exaltation of the Cross in front of the praying masses. In the Georgian version of the Lectionary of the 5-7th centuries there is a detailed description of this rite. It was held on September, 14(old calendar) and began at the third hour after the sunrise. The priests came into the sacristy, then vested, decorated the Cross (sometimes even three Crosses) and laid it on the altar stone. The rite included three episodes of exaltation (elevation) of the Cross. Each elevation was preceded by the prayers and chants and was accompanied by fifty “Lord, have mercy upon us” prayers. After the third elevation, the Cross was washed with aroma water, and people were allowed to venerate the Holy Cross. Then the Cross was placed into the altar stone again and the liturgy began.

By the 6th century the rite of the Exaltation was already known and performed not only in Jerusalem, but in other corners of the Christian world as well. According to the post-iconoclastic Great Church Typicon, in the Saint Sofia Church the Exaltation rite was held during the matins after the troparions to the Cross. The rite itself is described shortly: the Patriarch was standing on the ambon (a small rise with the stairs in the center of the church) while raising the Cross, at the same time people were exclaiming “Lord, have mercy upon us”. This was repeated three times. The picture of the priest raising the Cross became the traditional image of the feast’s iconography.

The Constantinople rite is described in the Dresden and Paris copies of the Great Church Typicon: during the matins the Patriarch with the Cross went to the ambon accompanied by the skevophylax or chaltulary and the singers (who sang the troparion to the Cross). When the Patriarch reached the ambon, he put the Cross on a small table and made three prostrations. Then the Patriarch began the rite, which consisted of three cycles. Each cycle included 5 raisings of the Cross. At first, the Patriarch came to the eastern side of the ambon and raised here the Cross. At the same time the deacons and all the other people exclaimed “Lord, have mercy upon us” 100 times. During the last three times of reading the prayer, the Patriarch made the sign of Cross to the East three times. Then the Cross was raised in the same manner to the South, the West, the North, and aging to the East. After a short rest, the Patriarch repeated the same actions, but the prayer was read 80 times for the second cycle and 60 times for the third cycle. After that people sang the Kontakion to the Cross and then the liturgy began.

In the Typicon of the Studite tradition, the rite of Exaltation is based on the Constantinople type, but is slightly simplified. It is included into the final part of the matins. Instead of three cycles there was only one, consisting of five raisings – twice to the East and one time for the other sides of the world.

According to the Studite-Alexian Typicon the rite was held in the end of matins after the reading of the Trisagion, the Troparion to the Cross and bowing to the Cross. The rite began with singing the three Troparions; the Cross was elevated by father superior in the altar from different sides of the world (the East, the North, the West, the South, and again the East). After the rite a litany was proclaimed and the first hour began.

According to the Typicon of Evergetis the rite was held not in the altar, but in the church. After the Troparion to the Cross the priest made three times the sign of the Cross to the East and sang loudly “Lord, have mercy upon us” three times as well. Then he was raising the Cross slowly while singing the rest 97 times. After that the sacred action repeated to the other sides of the world: South, West, North, East.
In the Typicon of Saint George the Hagiorite describes two versions of the rite. The first one corresponds to the one described in the Typicon of Evergetis (but the order of the sides is different: East, North, West, South, East). The second version tells that the rite was held by the Patriarch, and its features underline the connection with the Great church (the chants after the entrance during the praises).

In the Jerusalem statute, adopted in the Orthodox Church in 13-15th centuries, the rite preserves the features, which are known from the Studite scriptures: it is held at the matins after the great praise and the Troparion to the Cross. The sign of Cross is made five times and the Cross is raised to the sides of the world (East, South, West, North, East). But there is an important change – five petitions by a deacon are included (at the time when the sign of Cross is made), and after each of them “Lord, have mercy upon us” is sung. Moreover, according to the Jerusalem statute, before raising the Cross the priest has to lean to the floor so that his head will be not higher that 20 cm above the floor. In the second part of the 17th century, when the liturgical literature was corrected in Russian Church, the order of the sides of the world was changed. The new order was: East, West, South, North, East. This order remains even today.

The rite of the Exaltation of the Cross is an inalienable part of the festal service. This can be proved by the variety of features, described in different scriptures. In some of them it is stated, that the rite can be held only by the Patriarch with the clergy, but according to the others a priest with a deacon can do this as well. For example, in 1301 the fathers of the Constantinople cathedral gave the answer to the question of Theognostus, the bishop of Saraysk, in which it was stated, that the rite can be led not only by a bishop, but also by a father superior. Saint Cyprian of Moscow wrote in his letter to the clergy of Novgorod, that the Cross should be elevated in any church, even if there is only one priest. The handwritten monastic Typicon of the 17th century says, that the rite should take place annually only in cathedrals, while in all other churches the rite in should be held only in case when the feast falls on Saturday or Sunday.

In old Moscow Typicon of 1641 it was written, that the Cross should be elevated only in cathedral churches and monasteries, while in average churches only worshipping of the Cross should take place. That instruction was later transferred to the new version of Typicon of 1682. Since that it is stated in all publications of the Russian Typicon. Nowadays in the Russian Church the rite takes place in all the cathedrals, while in monasteries and parishes it can be held with permission of the eparch. In the Church of Greece the rite can take place in any church.

According to certain manuscripts, when the rite of the Exaltation is held, the ektene of the matins can be cancelled, because some prayers of it are also included in the rite. Just like in the Jerusalem, the Cross is washed with aromatic water during the Exaltation.  

Source: http://catalogueofstelisabethconvent.blogspot.com/2016/09/history-of-rite-of-exaltation-of-cross.html

A Guide to an Orthodox Christian Funeral

The business of the Christian is nothing else than to be ever preparing for death. St. Irenæus

In our contemporary times, we unfortunately experience an increasing estrangement to the basic events of life and death. Both events are handed over more and more to people that offer their services, so that we don’t have to take care of it. While on one side, this is certainly a help and sometimes a necessity, in most cases, we get so distant to the beginning and end of life that we have more difficulties to relate to it; and especially when it comes to the end of life the ability to cope and grieve in the appropriate way, and keep a Christian attitude towards it.

In the Orthodox Church we believe that God is our Creator and the only Giver of Life, and the One that has the only authority to allow our death. Founded in this basic truth, the Orthodox Church is guiding her children from their birth, throughout their life, and until the grave.

When it comes to the end of our life, it is important to know how the Orthodox Church is providing for her members and what steps one should know how to plan for this (as much as one is able to plan for it). The following guide is an attempt to give some guidance. Specific steps might need adjustments in specific cases. Your priest is the one that can guide you in those cases.

The care of a dying person actually starts before death occurs. If a person is ill, and cannot attend church anymore, a priest should be contacted so that he is able to visit on a regular basis throughout the sickness. He is there to give comfort in prayer, offer confession, and holy communion to the sick.

The mystery of Holy Unction should also be considered. This mystery is offered for severe illnesses and is usually administered only once during an illness. It should not be treated as a “last rite” mystery, but rather administered during the earlier stages of the illness. This mystery does not require a terminal illness, but is for severe illnesses where we beseech God in a special way to ask for healing and comfort.

If death is imminent, a priest should again be called immediately; if the death is sudden, then as soon as one has knowledge about it. The priest will come and say prayers for the departing of the soul from the body, listen, and offer comfort to the person about to die, and of course to the people present with him. If the person is still conscious, confession and Holy Communion will again be offered.

After the death,  the priest will serve the first panakhida (memorial service) for the departed right at the place of death.

There is no reason to rush to get a funeral home. There is time for the people present to say their good byes and get adjusted about what happened. As it was normal to hold someone’s hands while they were sick, it is perfectly fine to touch the body after the soul departed it.

A funeral home will most likely take care of preparing the body for the funeral. In some states it is required to engage a funeral director, but which particular services one asks for are not regulated by law. Some funeral homes have their own in-house regulations, but it can widely differ from funeral home to funeral home, and most of the time it can also be negotiated.

To spare doing this at the time of death, where one is more vulnerable and occupied by a grieving mind, it is best to plan this ahead of time, with, for example, a funeral plan.

In planning for the funeral, the following considerations should be observed for an Orthodox funeral:

  • Out of deep respect for the creation of God, as that  body was created by God Himself, and was the “temple of the Holy Spirit” by Holy Chrismation, the Orthodox Church is not allowing cremation. A funeral with cremains is not possible, and neither is a funeral where it is known that the body will be cremated afterwards.
  • It is very common in the U.S. to embalm bodies. Embalming is not the preferred way to treat a body in the Orthodox Church, but it would not be considered a hinderance to an Orthodox funeral. Funeral Home regulations will often prevent having an open casket funeral if the body is not embalmed, but it should be noted clearly that there is no federal or state law that requires embalming. Alternative ways of slowing down the decomposition of the body (refrigeration, dry ice) are preferred.
  • Especially if death was sudden, we are often tempted to make up our loss in elaborate outward adornment, specifically the casket. However, for an Orthodox Christian it is far more important to pray for the soul of the deceased. The casket should be simple, and modest, but dignified. A simple wooden pine casket with a cross on the lid is most appropriate. It would be ideal if the lid of the casket can be totally removed during the funeral. The person should be dressed in modest clothing, according to the choice of the relatives.
  • A simple cross,  a burial shroud and a chaplet that will be put on the deceased after the funeral should be available. Icons of the Savior, the Theotokos, and the patron saint of the deceased are customary put into the casket as well. 

It is customary to bring the body to the church, at the latest, the evening before the funeral. The casket is placed in the middle of the church, and the deceased is facing the altar. A panakhida is served and there is an opportunity to visit the deceased. When there is no service, family can participate in psalm reading which will provide a prayerful environment. The psalm reading can continue through the whole night with the deceased remaining in the church until the time of the funeral.

The next morning the funeral service will be held by the priest. The funeral service is a service for the deceased who needs our prayers, and equally for the attendees who will be educated what a Christian life is, and be comforted in their grief with the hope of the general resurrection. A sermon will be held by the priest. A eulogy by family and/or friends is not customary practice at an Orthodox funeral. If this is desired, there is time for this at the grave side after the committal of the body into the earth. At the end of the funeral, the priest will say the prayer of absolution over the deceased and everyone will come forward and give the “last kiss” to the deceased. 

After the funeral service we will escort the body to the burial side while singing the Trisagion, “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us!” Pall bearers can be chosen from family and friends.

Arriving at the place of burial, the priest will bless the grave (if it is not an Orthodox Cemetery) and a short burial service is be held. Ideally the casket will still be open at the grave side, so that the priest can anoint the body with oil. If that is not possible the priest will do that at the end of the funeral service in the church. The casket will be then lowered into the grave, and everyone will come forward to give their last respect in form of throwing dirt into the grave. In a traditional setting, if possible, the attendees of the burial will help close the grave while singing hymns of the resurrection. The grave side should be marked with a cross. The position of the casket should be that way that the deceased will be facing the cross on the burial side.

People who have attended an Orthodox funeral can testify that it is one of the most beautiful and rich services that the Orthodox Church offers. It is rich in theology and a bright witness of our faith in the resurrected Christ, the overthrow of eternal death, and the hope of the general resurrection. It reinforces that death will not separate us from our deceased, and that as we cared for them in their lifetime, we also care for them in their death, while our brethren are now waiting as planted seed of wheat in the ground, to be reunited in soul and body.

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Sunday of All Saints: On June 14th Hours, Akathist and Liturgy will be Served Outdoors

Dear brothers and sisters!

This Sunday, June 14, we have decided to serve the Divine Liturgy outdoors, in order to accommodate the largest group of worshipers allowed.

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The service times for this Sunday, June 14, are:

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Confession will be from 9-10 am before Liturgy only.

We ask that you utilize our online form for prayer requests to minimize contact. 

Candles may be purchased, and the nuns will place them at the appropriate icons.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition out of the quarantine.

Novo-Diveevo is Open with Restrictions: Effective June 12, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Novo Diveevo Convent is now OPEN but with Restrictions. We Kindly ask everyone to review the current rules of conduct:

Entire Convent Territory:  AT ALL TIMES:

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Novo-Diveevo will be Live Streaming Leave-taking of PASCHA Services

Dear brothers and sisters,

Wednesday, May 27, is the Leave-taking (Apodosis) of PASCHA.

At 6PM Tuesday May 26, the Convent will serve a Vespers and Matins in the Paschal Rite and on Wednesday May 27 at 9AM the Liturgy will also be live streamed. The Links are listed below:

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Sixth Sunday: the Blind Man. Sermon by Archbishop Andrew (Rymarenko)

Last Sunday, the Sunday of the Samaritan woman, the Holy Church told us how Christ raises a person from an earthly, carnal state of mind to the state in which a human being thirsts to worship God and pray to Him. You see, the Samaritan woman came to the well for physical water which satisfies only earthly thirst. But when Christ revealed her sins to her, and she ran to Him in repentance, then in her awakened spiritual thirst, the thirst for Living Water springing up into everlasting life, the thirst for communion with God, her first question was about prayer: where one should worship God, how to pray. Now today’s Gospel gives us a model for prayer.

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Moleben with Akathist to St Nicholas the Wonderworker

This Friday, May 22, the Church celebrates the memory of the Translation of the relics of St Nicholas, Wonderworker of Myra in Lycia. At 11 am, we will livestream a Moleben with Akathist to St. Nicholas.

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Акафист святителю Николаю чудотворцу

Конда́к 1.

Возбра́нный Чудотво́рче и изря́дный уго́дниче Христо́в, ми́ру всему́ источа́яй многоце́нное ми́лости ми́ро и неисчерпа́емое чуде́с мо́ре, восхваля́ю тя́ любо́вию, святи́телю Нико́лае; ты́ же, я́ко име́яй дерзнове́ние ко Го́споду, от вся́ких мя́ бе́д свободи́, да зову́ ти́:

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

И́кос 1.

А́нгела о́бразом, земна́го су́ща естество́м, яви́ тебе́ всея́ тва́ри Созда́тель: благопло́дную бо добро́ту души́ твоея́ прови́дев, преблаже́нне Нико́лае, научи́ все́х вопи́ти тебе́ си́це:

Ра́дуйся, от утро́бы ма́терния очище́нный; ра́дуйся, да́же до конца́ освяще́нный.

Ра́дуйся, рожде́нием свои́м роди́телей удиви́вый; ра́дуйся, си́лу душе́вную а́бие по рождестве́ яви́вый.

Ра́дуйся, са́де земли́ обетова́ния; ра́дуйся, цве́те Боже́ственнаго сажде́ния.

Ра́дуйся, лозо́ доброде́тельная виногра́да Христо́ва; ра́дуйся, дре́во чудото́чное рая́ Иису́сова.

Ра́дуйся, кри́не ра́йскаго прозябе́ния; ра́дуйся, ми́ро Христо́ва благоуха́ния.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю отго́нится рыда́ние; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю прино́сится ра́дование.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 2.

Ви́дяще твои́х ми́р излия́ние, Богому́дре, просвеща́емся душа́ми и телесы́, ди́внаго тя́ мирото́чца живоно́сна, Нико́лае, разуме́юще: чудесы́ бо, я́ко вода́ми, благода́тию Бо́жиею излива́ющимися, напая́еши ве́рно вопию́щих Бо́гу: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 2.

Ра́зум неуразуме́нный вразумля́я о Святе́й Тро́ице, бы́л еси́ в Нике́и со святы́ми отцы́ побо́рник испове́дания правосла́вныя ве́ры: ра́вна бо Отцу́ Сы́на испове́дал еси́, соприсносу́щна и сопресто́льна, А́рия же безу́мнаго обличи́л еси́. Сего́ ра́ди ве́рнии научи́шася воспева́ти тебе́:

Ра́дуйся, вели́кий благоче́стия сто́лпе; ра́дуйся, ве́рных прибе́жища гра́де.

Ра́дуйся, тве́рдое Правосла́вия укрепле́ние; ра́дуйся, честно́е Пресвяты́я Тро́ицы носи́ло и похвале́ние.

Ра́дуйся, Отцу́ равноче́стна Сы́на пропове́давый; ра́дуйся, А́рия возбеси́вшагося от Собо́ра святы́х отгна́вый.

Ра́дуйся, о́тче, отце́в сла́вная красото́; ра́дуйся, все́х богому́дрых прему́драя добро́то.

Ра́дуйся, о́гненная словеса́ испуща́яй; ра́дуйся, до́бре ста́до свое́ наставля́яй.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю ве́ра утвержда́ется; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю е́ресь низлага́ется.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 3.

Си́лою, да́нною ти́ свы́ше, слезу́ вся́ку отъя́л еси́ от лица́ лю́те стра́ждущих, богоно́сне о́тче Нико́лае: а́лчущим бо яви́лся еси́ корми́тель, в пучи́не морсте́й су́щим изря́дный прави́тель, неду́гующим исцеле́ние и все́м вся́к помо́щник показа́лся еси́, вопию́щим Бо́гу: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 3.

Име́яше вои́стину, о́тче Нико́лае, с Небесе́ пе́снь тебе́ воспева́ема бы́ти, а не от земли́: ка́ко бо кто́ от челове́к возмо́жет твоея́ святы́ни вели́чия пропове́дати? Но мы́, любо́вию твое́ю побежда́еми, вопие́м ти́ си́це:

Ра́дуйся, о́бразе а́гнцев и па́стырей; ра́дуйся, свято́е очисти́лище нра́вов.

Ра́дуйся, доброде́телей вели́ких вмести́лище; ра́дуйся, святы́ни чи́стое и честно́е жили́ще.

Ра́дуйся, свети́льниче всесве́тлый и вселюби́мый; ра́дуйся, све́те златоза́рный и непоро́чный.

Ра́дуйся, досто́йный А́нгелов собесе́дниче; ра́дуйся, до́брый челове́ков наста́вниче.

Ра́дуйся, пра́вило ве́ры благочести́выя; ра́дуйся, о́бразе кро́тости духо́вныя.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю от страсте́й теле́сных избавля́емся; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю сла́достей духо́вных исполня́емся.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 4.

Бу́ря недоуме́ния смуща́ет ми́ у́м, ка́ко досто́йно е́сть пе́ти чудеса́ твоя́, блаже́нне Нико́лае? Никто́же бо мо́жет я́ исчести́, а́ще бы и мно́ги язы́ки име́л и глаго́лати восхоте́л; но мы́, ди́вно Бо́гу в тебе́ прославля́ющемуся, дерза́ем воспева́ти: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 4.

Слы́шаша, богому́дре Нико́лае, бли́жнии и да́льнии вели́чие чуде́с твои́х, я́ко по возду́ху ле́гкими благода́тными крила́ми навы́кл еси́ су́щих в беда́х предваря́ти, ско́ро от те́х избавля́я все́х, вопию́щих к тебе́ такова́я:

Ра́дуйся, избавле́ние от печа́ли; ра́дуйся, подая́ние благода́ти.

Ра́дуйся, неча́емых зо́л прогони́телю; ра́дуйся, жела́емых благи́х насади́телю.

Ра́дуйся, ско́рый уте́шителю в беде́ су́щих; ра́дуйся, стра́шный наказа́телю оби́дящих.

Ра́дуйся, чуде́с пучи́но, Бо́гом излия́нная; ра́дуйся, зако́на Христо́ва скрижа́ли, Бо́гом пи́санныя.

Ра́дуйся, кре́пкое па́дающих возведе́ние; ра́дуйся, пра́во стоя́щих утвержде́ние.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю вся́кая ле́сть обнажа́ется; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю вся́кая и́стина сбыва́ется.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 5.

Боготе́чная звезда́ яви́лся еси́, наставля́я по мо́рю пла́вающих лю́те, и́мже сме́рть предстоя́ше вско́ре иногда́, а́ще не бы ты́ предста́л еси́ призыва́ющим тя́ в по́мощь, Чудотво́рче святы́й Нико́лае; уже́ бо несты́дно бесо́м лета́ющим и погрузи́ти корабли́ хотя́щим запрети́в, отгна́л еси́ и́х, ве́рныя же научи́л еси́ спаса́ющему тобо́ю Бо́гу взыва́ти: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 5.

Ви́деша отрокови́цы, на бра́к скве́рный нищеты́ ра́ди угото́ванныя, вели́кое твое́ к ни́щим милосе́рдие, преблаже́нне о́тче Нико́лае, егда́ ста́рцу роди́телю и́х но́щию узельцы́ три́ зла́та тая́ся пода́л еси́, самаго́ со дще́рьми избавля́я от паде́ния грехо́внаго. Того́ ра́ди слы́шиши от все́х си́це:

Ра́дуйся, ми́лости превели́кия сокро́вище; ра́дуйся, промышле́ния о лю́дех прия́телище.

Ра́дуйся, пи́ще и отра́до к тебе́ прибега́ющих; ра́дуйся, хле́бе неснеда́емый а́лчущих.

Ра́дуйся, бога́тство, бе́дне живу́щим на земли́, Бо́гом да́нное; ра́дуйся, воздви́жение ско́рое убо́гих.

Ра́дуйся, бы́строе ни́щих услы́шание; ра́дуйся, скорбя́щих прия́тное попече́ние.

Ра́дуйся, трие́х де́в непоро́чный невести́телю; ра́дуйся, чистоты́ усе́рдный храни́телю.

Ра́дуйся, ненаде́жных наде́яние; ра́дуйся, всего́ ми́ра наслажде́ние.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 6.

Пропове́дует ми́р ве́сь тебе́, преблаже́нне Нико́лае, ско́раго в беда́х засту́пника: я́ко мно́гажды во еди́нем часе́, по земли́ путеше́ствующим и по мо́рю пла́вающим, предваря́я, посо́бствуеши, ку́пно все́х от злы́х сохраня́я, вопию́щих к Бо́гу: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 6.

Возсия́л еси́ све́т живо́тный, избавле́ние нося́ воево́дам, непра́ведную сме́рть прия́ти иму́щим, тебе́, до́брый па́стырю Нико́лае, призыва́ющим, егда́ вско́ре я́влься во сне́ царе́ви, устраши́л еси́ его́, си́х же неврежде́нных отпусти́ти повеле́л еси́. Сего́ ра́ди с ни́ми ку́пно и мы́ благода́рственно вопие́м ти́:

Ра́дуйся, усе́рдно призыва́ющим тя́ помога́яй; ра́дуйся, от непра́веднаго убие́ния избавля́яй.

Ра́дуйся, от ле́стныя сохраня́яй клеветы́; ра́дуйся, непра́ведныя разруша́яй сове́ты.

Ра́дуйся, растерза́яй лжу́ я́ко паучи́ну; ра́дуйся, возноша́яй сла́вно и́стину.

Ра́дуйся, непови́нных от у́з разреше́ние; ра́дуйся, и мертвеце́в оживле́ние.

Ра́дуйся, прояви́телю пра́вды; ра́дуйся, помрачи́телю непра́вды.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю непови́ннии изба́влени от меча́; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю наслади́шася све́та.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 7.

Хотя́ богоху́льное ерети́ческое отгна́ти злосмра́дие, ми́ро вои́стину благово́нное, та́инственное яви́лся еси́, Нико́лае: лю́ди Мире́йския упа́сл еси́ и ве́сь ми́р свои́м благода́тным ми́ром испо́лнил еси́. И от на́с у́бо богоме́рзкое грехо́вное злосмра́дие отжени́, да благоприя́тно Бо́гу вопие́м: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 7.

Но́ваго тя́ Но́я, наста́вника ковче́га спаси́тельнаго разуме́ем, о́тче святы́й Нико́лае, бу́рю все́х лю́тых разгоня́ющаго направле́нием свои́м, тишину́ же Боже́ственную принося́щаго вопию́щим такова́я:

Ра́дуйся, обурева́емых ти́хое приста́нище; ра́дуйся, утопа́ющих изве́стное храни́лище.

Ра́дуйся, пла́вающих посреде́ пучи́н до́брый ко́рмчий; ра́дуйся, треволне́ния морска́я уставля́ющий.

Ра́дуйся, превожде́ние су́щих в ви́хрех; ра́дуйся, согре́яние су́щих во мра́зех.

Ра́дуйся, сия́ние, ско́рбный мра́к разгоня́ющее; ра́дуйся, свети́ло, вся́ концы́ земли́ просвеща́ющее.

Ра́дуйся, от бе́здны грехо́вныя челове́ки избавля́яй; ра́дуйся, в бе́здну а́дскую сатану́ вверга́яй.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю дерзнове́нно бе́здну милосе́рдия Бо́жия призыва́ем; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю от пото́па гне́ва изба́вльшеся, ми́р с Бо́гом обрета́ем.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 8.

Стра́нное чу́до явля́ется притека́ющим к тебе́, блаже́нне Нико́лае, свяще́нная твоя́ це́рковь: в не́й бо и ма́лое моле́ние принося́ще, ве́лиих неду́гов прие́млем исцеле́ние, а́ще то́кмо по Бо́зе упова́ние на тя́ возложи́м, ве́рно вопию́ще: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 8.

Ве́сь еси́ все́м вои́стину помо́щник, богоно́се Нико́лае, и собра́л еси́ вку́пе вся́ прибега́ющия к тебе́, я́ко свободи́тель, пита́тель и вра́ч ско́рый все́м земны́м, на похвалу́ все́х подвиза́я вопи́ти к тебе́ си́це:

Ра́дуйся, вся́ких исцеле́ний исто́чниче; ра́дуйся, лю́те стра́ждущим помо́щниче.

Ра́дуйся, заре́, сия́ющая в нощи́ грехо́вней блужда́ющим; ра́дуйся, росо́ небото́чная в зно́и трудо́в су́щим.

Ра́дуйся, подава́яй тре́бующим благострое́ние; ра́дуйся, уготовля́яй прося́щим изоби́лие.

Ра́дуйся, мно́гажды проше́ние предваря́яй; ра́дуйся, ста́рым седи́нам си́лу обновля́яй.

Ра́дуйся, мно́гих заблу́ждших от пути́ и́стиннаго обличи́телю; ра́дуйся, та́ин Бо́жиих ве́рный служи́телю.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю за́висть попира́ем; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю благонра́вное житие́ исправля́ем.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 9.

Вся́кия утоли́ боле́зни, вели́кий на́ш засту́пниче Нико́лае, растворя́я благода́тная врачева́ния, услажда́ющая ду́ши на́ша, сердца́ же веселя́щая все́х усе́рдно к по́мощи твое́й притека́ющих, Бо́гу же вопию́щих: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 9.

Вити́я суему́дренныя нечести́вых ви́дим тобо́ю посра́мленныя, богому́дре о́тче Нико́лае: А́рия бо ху́льника, разделя́юща Божество́, и Саве́ллия, смеша́юща Святу́ю Тро́ицу, препре́л, на́с же во Правосла́вии укрепи́л еси́. Сего́ ра́ди вопие́м ти́ си́це:

Ра́дуйся, щи́те, защища́яй благоче́стие; ра́дуйся, мечу́, посеца́яй злоче́стие.

Ра́дуйся, учи́телю Боже́ственных веле́ний; ра́дуйся, губи́телю богопроти́вных уче́ний.

Ра́дуйся, ле́ствице, Бо́гом утвержде́нная, е́юже восхо́дим к Небеси́; ра́дуйся, покро́ве, Бо́гом зда́нный, и́мже покрыва́ются мно́зи.

Ра́дуйся, нему́дрых умудри́вый твои́ми словесы́; ра́дуйся, лени́вых подви́гнувый твои́ми нра́вы.

Ра́дуйся, све́тлосте за́поведей Бо́жиих неугаси́мая; ра́дуйся, луче́ оправда́ний Госпо́дних пресве́тлая.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко уче́нием твои́м сокруша́ются ерети́ческия главы́; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю ве́рнии сподобля́ются сла́вы.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 10.

Спасти́ хотя́ ду́шу, пло́ть твою́ ду́хови покори́л еси́ вои́стину, о́тче на́ш Нико́лае: молча́ньми бо пре́жде и боре́ньми с по́мыслы, дея́нию богомы́слие приложи́л еси́, богомы́слием же ра́зум соверше́н стяжа́л еси́, и́мже дерзнове́нно с Бо́гом и А́нгелы бесе́довал еси́, всегда́ вопия́: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 10.

Стена́ еси́ похваля́ющим, преблаже́нне, чудеса́ твоя́ и все́м к заступле́нию твоему́ прибега́ющим; те́мже и на́с, в доброде́тели убо́гих, от нищеты́, напа́сти, неду́гов и ну́жд разли́чных свобожда́й, вопию́щих ти́ с любо́вию такова́я:

Ра́дуйся, от убо́жества ве́чнаго изыма́яй; ра́дуйся, бога́тство нетле́нное подава́яй.

Ра́дуйся, бра́шно неги́блющее а́лчущим пра́вды; ра́дуйся, питие́ неисчерпа́емое жа́ждущим жи́зни.

Ра́дуйся, от мяте́жа и бра́ни соблюда́яй; ра́дуйся, от у́з и плене́ния свобожда́яй.

Ра́дуйся, пресла́вный в беда́х засту́пниче; ра́дуйся, превели́кий в напа́стех защи́тниче.

Ра́дуйся, мно́гих от поги́бели исхи́тивый; ра́дуйся, безчи́сленных неврежде́нно сохрани́вый.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю лю́тыя сме́рти гре́шнии избега́ют; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю жи́знь ве́чную ка́ющиися получа́ют.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 11.

Пе́ние Пресвяте́й Тро́ице па́че ины́х прине́сл еси́, преблаже́нне Нико́лае, умо́м, сло́вом и де́лом: мно́гим бо испыта́нием правове́рная повеле́ния уясни́л еси́, ве́рою, наде́ждою и любо́вию наставля́я на́с в Тро́ице Еди́ному Бо́гу воспева́ти: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 11.

Светоза́рную лучу́ во мра́це жития́ су́щим неугаси́мую ви́дим тя́, Бо́гом избра́нне о́тче Нико́лае: с невеще́ственными бо а́нгельскими све́ты бесе́дуеши о несозда́нном Тро́ическом Све́те, ве́рных же ду́ши просвеща́еши, вопию́щих ти́ такова́я:

Ра́дуйся, озаре́ние Трисо́лнечнаго Све́та; ра́дуйся, денни́це незаходи́маго Со́лнца.

Ра́дуйся, свеще́, Боже́ственным пла́менем возжже́нная; ра́дуйся, я́ко угаси́л еси́ бесо́вский пла́мень нече́стия.

Ра́дуйся, све́тлое правове́рия пропове́дание; ра́дуйся, доброзра́чное све́та ева́нгельскаго сия́ние.

Ра́дуйся, мо́лние, е́реси пожига́ющая; ра́дуйся, гро́ме, устраша́ющий соблазня́ющия.

Ра́дуйся, и́стиннаго научи́телю ра́зума; ра́дуйся, та́инственнаго изъяви́телю ума́.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю попра́ся поклоне́ние тва́ри; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю научи́хомся покланя́тися Творцу́ в Тро́ице.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 12.

Благода́ть, да́нную ти́ от Бо́га, све́дущии, ра́дующеся, твою́ па́мять пра́зднуем по до́лгу, пресла́вный о́тче Нико́лае, и к чу́дному заступле́нию твоему́ вседу́шно притека́ем; пресла́вных же твои́х дея́ний, я́ко песка́ морска́го и мно́жества зве́зднаго исчести́ не могу́ще, недоуме́нием объя́ти бы́вше, вопие́м к Бо́гу: Аллилу́иа.

И́кос 12.

Пою́ще твоя́ чудеса́, восхваля́ем тя́, всехва́льне Нико́лае: в тебе́ бо Бо́г, в Тро́ице прославля́емый, ди́вно просла́вися. Но а́ще и попремно́гу соста́вленныя от души́ псалмы́ и пе́сни прино́сим ти́, Чудотво́рче святы́й, ничто́же твори́м ра́вно дарова́нию чуде́с твои́х, и́мже удивля́ющеся, вопие́м к тебе́ такова́я:

Ра́дуйся, Царя́ ца́рствующих и Го́спода госпо́дствующих служи́телю; ра́дуйся, служи́телей Его́ небе́сных сожи́телю.

Ра́дуйся, лю́дем ве́рным поможе́ние; ра́дуйся, ро́да христиа́нскаго возвыше́ние.

Ра́дуйся, побе́ды тезоимени́тый; ра́дуйся, венцено́сче наро́читый.

Ра́дуйся, все́х доброде́телей зерца́ло; ра́дуйся, все́х притека́ющих к тебе́ кре́пкое забра́ло.

Ра́дуйся, по Бо́зе и Богоро́дице, все́ на́ше упова́ние; ра́дуйся, теле́с на́ших здра́вие и ду́ш спасе́ние.

Ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю от ве́чныя сме́рти свобожда́емся; ра́дуйся, я́ко тобо́ю безконе́чныя жи́зни сподобля́емся.

Ра́дуйся, Нико́лае, вели́кий Чудотво́рче.

Конда́к 13.

О пресвяты́й и пречу́дный о́тче Нико́лае, утеше́ние все́х скорбя́щих, ны́нешнее на́ше приими́ приноше́ние и от гее́нны изба́витися на́м Го́спода умоли́ богоприя́тным твои́м хода́тайством, да с тобо́ю воспева́ем: Аллилу́иа.

Этот конда́к чита́ется три́жды, зате́м 1-й и́кос и 1-й конда́к.

Моли́тва пе́рвая.

О всесвяты́й Нико́лае, уго́дниче преизря́дный Госпо́день, те́плый на́ш засту́пниче и везде́ в ско́рбех ско́рый помо́щниче! Помози́ ми́, гре́шному и уны́лому, в настоя́щем се́м житии́, умоли́ Го́спода Бо́га дарова́ти ми́ оставле́ние все́х мои́х грехо́в, ели́ко согреши́х от ю́ности моея́, во все́м житии́ мое́м, де́лом, сло́вом, помышле́нием и все́ми мои́ми чу́вствы; и во исхо́де души́ моея́ помози́ ми́, окая́нному, умоли́ Го́спода Бо́га всея́ тва́ри Соде́теля, изба́вити мя́ возду́шных мыта́рств и ве́чнаго муче́ния: да всегда́ прославля́ю Отца́, и Сы́на, и Свята́го Ду́ха, и твое́ ми́лостивное предста́тельство, ны́не и при́сно, и во ве́ки веко́в. Ами́нь.

Моли́тва втора́я.

О всеблаги́й о́тче Нико́лае, па́стырю и учи́телю все́х, ве́рою притека́ющих ко твоему́ заступле́нию и те́плою моли́твою тебе́ призыва́ющих! Ско́ро потщи́ся и изба́ви Христо́во ста́до от волко́в губя́щих е́; и вся́ку страну́ христиа́нскую огради́ и сохрани́ святы́ми твои́ми моли́твами от мирска́го мяте́жа, тру́са, наше́ствия иноплеме́нников и междоусо́бныя бра́ни, от гла́да, пото́па, огня́, меча́ и внеза́пныя сме́рти. И я́коже поми́ловал еси́ трие́х муже́й, в темни́це седя́щих, и изба́вил еси́ и́х от царе́ва гне́ва и посече́ния ме́чнаго, та́ко поми́луй и мене́, умо́м, сло́вом и де́лом во тме́ грехо́в су́ща, и изба́ви мя́ гне́ва Бо́жия и ве́чныя ка́зни. Я́ко да твои́м хода́тайством и по́мощию, Свои́м же милосе́рдием и благода́тию, Христо́с Бо́г ти́хое и безгре́шное житие́ да́ст ми́ пожи́ти в ве́це се́м, и изба́вит мя́ от шу́ияго стоя́ния, сподо́бит же десна́го со все́ми святы́ми во ве́ки веко́в. Ами́нь.

Akathist to Saint Nicholas

Kontakion 1

O champion wonderworker and superb servant of Christ,
thou who pourest out for all the world
the most precious myrrh of mercy
and an inexhaustible sea of miracles,
I praise thee with love, O Saint Nicholas;
and as thou art one having boldness toward the Lord,
from all dangers do thou deliver us,
that we may cry to thee:
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Ekos 1

An angel in manner though earthly by nature
did the Creator reveal thee to be;
for, foreseeing the fruitful beauty of thy soul, O most blessed Nicholas,
He taught all to cry to thee thus:
     Rejoice, thou who wast purified from thy mother’s womb!
     Rejoice, thou who wast sanctified even unto the end!
     Rejoice, thou who didst amaze thy parents by thy birth!
     Rejoice, thou who didst manifest power of soul straightway after birth!
     Rejoice, plant of the land of promise!
     Rejoice, flower of divine planting!
     Rejoice, virtuous vine of Christ’s vineyard!
     Rejoice, wonderworking tree of the paradise of Jesus!
     Rejoice, lily of paradisaical growth!
     Rejoice, myrrh of the fragrance of Christ!
     Rejoice, for through thee lamentation is banished!
     Rejoice, for through thee rejoicing is brought to pass!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 2

Seeing the effusion of thy myrrh, O divinely wise one,
our souls and bodies are enlightened,
understanding thee to be a wonderful, living source of unction, O Nicholas;
for with miracles like waters poured out through the grace of God
thou fillest them that faithfully cry unto God:

Ekos 2

Teaching incomprehensible knowledge about the Holy Trinity,
thou wast with the holy fathers in Nicea
a champion of the confession of the Orthodox Faith;
for thou didst confess the Son equal to the Father,
co-everlasting and co-enthroned,
and thou didst convict the foolish Arius.
Therefore the faithful have learned to sing to thee:
Rejoice, great pillar of piety!
     Rejoice, city of refuge for the faithful!
     Rejoice, firm stronghold of Orthodoxy!
     Rejoice, venerable vessel and praise of the Holy Trinity!
     Rejoice, thou who didst preach the Son of equal honour with the Father!
     Rejoice, thou who didst expel the demonized Arius from the council of the saints!
     Rejoice, father, glorious beauty of the fathers!
     Rejoice, wise goodness of all the divinely wise!
     Rejoice, thou who utterest fiery words!
     Rejoice, thou who guidest so well thy flock!
     Rejoice, for through thee faith is strengthened!
     Rejoice, for through thee heresy is overthrown!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 3

Through power given thee from on high
thou didst wipe away every tear from the face of those in cruel suffering,
O God-bearing Father Nicholas;
for thou wast shown to be a feeder of the hungry,
a superb pilot of those on the high seas,
a healer of the ailing,
and thou hast proved to be a helper to all that cry unto God:

Ekos 3

Truly, Father Nicholas,
a song should be sung to thee from heaven, and not from earth;
for how can a mere man proclaim the greatness of thy holiness?
But we, conquered by thy love, cry unto thee thus:
     Rejoice, model of lambs and shepherds!
     Rejoice, holy purification of morals!
     Rejoice, container of great virtues!
     Rejoice, pure and honourable abode of holiness!
     Rejoice, all-luminous lamp, beloved by all!
     Rejoice, light golden-rayed and blameless!
     Rejoice, worthy converser with angels!
     Rejoice, good guide of men!
     Rejoice, pious rule of faith!
     Rejoice, model of spiritual meekness!
     Rejoice, for through thee we are delivered from bodily passions!
     Rejoice, for through thee we are filled with spiritual delights!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 4

A storm of bewilderment confuseth our minds:
How can we worthily hymn thy wonders, O blessed Nicholas?
For no one could count them,
even though he had many tongues and willed to tell them;
but we make bold to sing to God Who is wonderfully glorified in thee:

Ekos 4

>People near and far heard of the greatness of thy miracles,
O divinely-wise Nicholas,
for in the air with the delicate wings of grace
thou art accustomed to forestall those in misfortune,
quickly delivering all who cry to thee thus:
     Rejoice, deliverance from sorrow!
     Rejoice, channel of grace!
     Rejoice, dispeller of unexpected evils!
     Rejoice, planter of good desires!
     Rejoice, quick comforter of those in misfortune!
     Rejoice, dread punisher of wrongdoers!
     Rejoice, abyss of miracles poured out by God!
     Rejoice, tablets of the law of Christ written by God!
     Rejoice, strong uplifting of the fallen!
     Rejoice, support of them that stand aright!
     Rejoice, for through thee all deception is exposed!
     Rejoice, for through thee all truth is realized!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 5

Thou didst appear as a divinely-moving star,
guiding those who sailed upon the cruel sea
who were once threatened with imminent death,
if thou hadst not come to the help of those who called upon thee,
O wonderworking Saint Nicholas;
for, having forbidden the flying demons who shamelessly wanted to sink the ship,
thou didst drive them away,
and didst teach the faithful whom God saveth through thee to cry:
     Alleluia !

Ekos 5

The maidens, prepared for a dishonourable marriage because of their poverty,
saw thy great compassion to the poor, O most-blessed Father Nicholas,
when by night thou secretly gavest their aged father three bundles of gold,
hereby saving him and his daughters from falling into sin.
Wherefore, thou hearest from all thus:
     Rejoice, treasury of greatest mercy!
     Rejoice, depository of provision for people!
     Rejoice, food and consolation of those that flee unto thee!
     Rejoice, inexhaustible bread of the hungry!
     Rejoice, God-given wealth of those living in poverty on earth!
     Rejoice, speedy uplifting of paupers!
     Rejoice, quick hearing of the needy!
     Rejoice, acceptable care of the sorrowful!
     Rejoice, blameless provider for the three maidens!
     Rejoice, fervent guardian of purity!
     Rejoice, hope of the hopeless!
     Rejoice, delight of all the world!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworkerl

Kontakion 6

The whole world proclaimeth thee, O most blessed Nicholas,
as a quick intercessor in adversities;
for, oftentimes preceding those that travel by land and sail upon the sea,
thou helpest them in a single hour,
at the same time keeping from evils all that cry unto God:

Ekos 6

Thou didst shine as a living light,
bringing deliverance to the generals who received sentence to an unjust death,
who called upon thee, O good shepherd Nicholas,
when thou didst quickly appear in a dream to the emperor,
and didst terrify him and didst order him to release them unharmed.
Therefore, together with them we also gratefully cry unto thee:
     Rejoice, thou who helpest them that fervently call upon thee!
     Rejoice, thou who deliverest from unjust death!
     Rejoice, thou who preservest from false accusation!
     Rejoice, thou who destroyest the counsels of the unrighteous!
     Rejoice, thou who tearest lies to shreds like cobwebs!
     Rejoice, thou who gloriously exaltest truth!
     Rejoice, release of the innocent from their fetters!
     Rejoice, revival of the dead!
     Rejoice, revealer of righteousness!
     Rejoice, exposer of unrighteousness!
     Rejoice, for through thee the innocent were saved from the sword!
     Rejoice, for through thee they enjoyed the light!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 7

Desiring to dispel the blasphemous stench of heresy,
thou didst appear as a truly fragrant, mystical myrrh, O Nicholas;
by shepherding the people of Myra,
thou hast filled the whole world with thy gracious myrrh.
And so, dispel from us the stench of abominable sin,
that we may acceptably cry unto God.

Ekos 7

We understand thee to be a new Noah,
a guide of the ark of salvation, O holy Father Nicholas,
who drivest away the storm of all evils by thy direction,
and bringest divine calm to those that cry thus:
     Rejoice, calm harbor of the storm-tossed!
     Rejoice, sure preservation of those that are drowning!
     Rejoice, good pilot of those that sail upon the deeps!
     Rejoice, thou who rulest the raging of the sea!
     Rejoice, guidance of those in whirlwinds!
     Rejoice, warmth of those in frosts!
     Rejoice, radiance that dispellest the gloom of sorrow!
     Rejoice, light that illuminest all the ends of the earth!
     Rejoice, thou who deliverest people from the abyss of sin!
     Rejoice, thou who castest Satan into the abyss of hades!
     Rejoice, for through thee we boldly invoke the abyss of God’s compassion!
     Rejoice, for, as ones rescued through thee from the flood of wrath,
     we find peace with God!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 8

A strange wonder is thy sacred church shown to be to those that flock to thee,
O blessed Nicholas;
for, by offering in it even a small supplication,
we receive healing from great illnesses,
if only, after God, we place our hope in thee, faithfully crying aloud:

Ekos 8

Thou art truly a helper to all, O God-bearing Nicholas,
and thou hast gathered together all that flee unto thee,
for thou art a deliverer, a nourisher, and a quick healer to all on earth,
moving all to cry out in praise to thee thus:
     Rejoice, source of all kinds of healing!
     Rejoice, helper of those that suffer cruelly!
     Rejoice, dawn shining for prodigals in the night of sin!
     Rejoice, heaven-sent dew for those in the heat of labours!
     Rejoice, thou who givest prosperity to those that need it!
     Rejoice, thou who preparest an abundance for those that ask!
     Rejoice, thou who often forestallest requests!
     Rejoice, thou who restorest strength to the aged and gray-headed!
     Rejoice, convicter of many who have strayed from the true way!
     Rejoice, faithful steward of the mysteries of God!
     Rejoice, for through thee we conquer envy!
     Rejoice, for through thee we lead a moral life!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 9

Assuage all our pains, O Nicholas, our great intercessor,
dispensing gracious healings,
delighting our souls,
and gladdening the hearts
of all that fervently hasten to thee for help and cry unto God:

Ekos 9

The falsely-theorizing orators of the ungodly, we see,
were put to shame by thee, O divinely-wise Father Nicholas;
for thou didst confute Arius the blasphemer who divided the Godhead,
and Sabellius who mingled the persons of the Holy Trinity,
but thou hast strengthened us in Orthodoxy.
Therefore we cry unto thee thus:
Rejoice, shield that defendest piety!
     Rejoice, sword that cuttest down impiety!
     Reioice teacher of the divine commandments!
     Rejoice, destroyer of impious doctrines!
     Rejoice, ladder set up by God, by which we mount to heaven!
     Rejoice, God-given protection, by which many are sheltered!
     Rejoice, thou who makest wise the unwise by thy sayings!
     Rejoice, thou who movest the slothful by thine example!
     Rejoice, inextinguishable brightness of God’s commandments!
     Rejoice, most luminous ray of the Lord’s statutes!
     Rejoice, for through thy teaching the heads of heretics are broken!
     Rejoice, for through thee the faithful are counted worthy of glory!
Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 10

Desiring to save thy soul,
thou didst truly subject thy body to the spirit, O our Father Nicholas;
for by silence first and by wrestling with thoughts,
thou didst add contemplation to activity,
and by contemplation thou didst acquire perfect knowledge
with which thou didst boldly converse with God and angels, always crying:

Ekos 10

Thou art a rampart, O most-blessed one, to those that praise thy miracles,
and to all that have recourse to thine intercession;
wherefore, free also us who are poor in virtue from poverty, temptations,
illness, and needs of various kinds, as we cry unto thee thus:
     Rejoice, thou who rescuest from eternal wretchedness!
     Rejoice, thou who bestowest incorruptible riches!
     Rejoice, imperishable food for those that hunger after righteousness!
     Rejoice, inexhaustible drink for those that thirst for life!
     Rejoice, thou who preservest from revolution and war!
     Rejoice, thou who freest us from chains and imprisonment!
     Rejoice, most-glorious intercessor in misfortunes!
     Rejoice, great defender in temptations!
     Rejoice, thou who hast snatched many from destruction!
     Rejoice, thou who hast kept countless numbers unharmed!
     Rejoice, for through thee sinners escape a frightful death!
     Rejoice, for through thee those that repent obtain eternal life!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 11

A song to the Most Holy Trinity didst thou bring,
surpassing others in thought, word, and deed, O most-blessed Nicholas;
for with much searching thou didst explain the precepts of the true Faith,
guiding us to sing with faith, hope, and love to the one God in Trinity:

Ekos 11

We see thee as a brilliant and inextinguishable ray
for those in the darkness of this life, O God-chosen Father Nicholas;
for with the immaterial angelic lights thou conversest
concerning the uncreated Light of the Trinity,
and thou enlightenest the souls of the faithful who cry unto thee thus:
     Rejoice, radiance of the Three-sunned Light!
     Rejoice, daystar of the unsetting Sun!
     Rejoice, lamp kindled by the Divine Flame!
     Rejoice, for thou hast quenched the demonic flame of impiety!
     Rejoice, bright preaching of the Orthodox Faith!
     Rejoice, luminous radiance of the light of the Gospel!
     Rejoice, lightning that consumest heresy!
     Rejoice, thunder that terrifiest tempters!
     Rejoice, teacher of true knowledge!
     Rejoice, revealer of the secret mind!
     Rejoice, for through thee the worship of creatures hath been abolished!
     Rejoice, for through thee we have learned to worship the Creator in the Trinity!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 12

Knowing the grace that hath been given thee by God,
dutifully and joyfully we celebrate thy memory, O most-glorious Father Nicholas,
and with all fervency we hasten to thy wonderful intercession;
unable to count thy glorious deeds which are like the sands of the seashore
and the multitude of the stars,
being at a loss to understand, we cry unto God:

Ekos 12

While we sing of thy wonders, we praise thee, O all-praised Nicholas;
for in thee God Who is glorified in the Trinity is wondrously glorified.
But even if we were to offer thee a multitude of psalms and hymns
composed from the soul, O holy wonderworker,
we should do nothing to equal the gift of thy miracles,
and amazed by them we cry unto thee thus:
      Rejoice, servant of the King of kings and Lord of lords!
     Rejoice, co-dweller with His heavenly servants!
     Rejoice, support of faithful kings!
     Rejoice, exaltation of the race of Christians!
     Rejoice, namesake of victory!
     Rejoice, eminent victor!
     Rejoice, mirror of all the virtues!
     Rejoice, strong buttress of all who flee unto thee!
     Rejoice, after God and the Theotokos, all our hope!
     Rejoice, health of our bodies and salvation of our souls!
     Rejoice, for through thee we are delivered from eternal death!
     Rejoice, for through thee we are deemed worthy of endless life!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 13

O most-holy and most-wonderful Father Nicholas,
consolation of all that sorrow,
accept our present offering,
and entreat the Lord that we be delivered from Gehenna
through thy God-pleasing intercession,
that with thee we may sing:
     Alleluia! This kontakion is read thrice.

And again Ekos 1 and Kontakion 1:

Ekos 1

An angel in manner though earthly by nature did the Creator reveal thee to be;
for, foreseeing the fruitful beauty of thy soul, O most blessed Nicholas,
He taught all to cry to thee thus:
     Rejoice, thou who wast purified from thy mother’s womb!
     Rejoice, thou who wast sanctified even unto the end!
     Rejoice, thou who didst amaze thy parents by thy birth!
     Rejoice, thou who didst manifest power of soul straightway after birth!
     Rejoice, plant of the land of promise!
     Rejoice, flower of divine planting!
     Rejoice, virtuous vine of Christ’s vineyard!
     Rejoice, wonderworking tree of the paradise of Jesus!
     Rejoice, lily of paradisaical growth!
     Rejoice, myrrh of the fragrance of Christ!
     Rejoice, for through thee lamentation is banished!
     Rejoice, for through thee rejoicing is brought to pass!
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!

Kontakion 1

O champion wonderworker and superb servant of Christ,
thou who pourest out for all the world
the most precious myrrh of mercy
and an inexhaustible sea of miracles,
I praise thee with love, O Saint Nicholas;
and as thou art one having boldness toward the Lord,
from all dangers do thou deliver us,
that we may cry to thee:
     Rejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker!