Church services are held daily with morning and evening worship. Weekday services are read and sung by the nuns and clergy. On holidays, Sunday services and other important services (for example, when the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete is read) the choir is reinforced by pilgrims from the laity who regularly attend services at the convent. Choir rehearsals are held after most Sunday Liturgies. For any questions please email

Choir Directors

Peter Pavlovich Didenko – August 1949 – January 1967
Evgenia Felipovna Beloshitsky – February 1967 – August 1973
Boris Ivanovich Mitrohin – June 1973 – 2009
Maria Nikolayevna Fedorowski – 2000 – till present

Alla Olegovna Generalow – 2023- till present