Novo Diveevo Cemetery Services

We understand that many people can not visit the graves of their loved ones as often as they would like. Therefore to help with the overall grave care we are now offering an extended list of services of individual grave-site care.  Please review the services below.  Once you have selected the service please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that while some prices are listed or services will require a personalized estimate. For most services we will email you a picture of your grave-site and we will discuss what needs to be done. Once work is completed we will send you another photo to ensure everything is done according to your preferences. If you do not see the service you are looking for please contact us at 845-356-0425, email at or with the contact form below.


Grave site candle lighting

12 Weeks – $60

24 Weeks – $120

48 Weeks – $240

Custom made Crosses

White Hand-carved Wooden Cross $700


Hand carved custom cross with roof and cement foundation $1600 

  • with natural wood finish frame $2000
  • with concrete frame $2300
  • with frame fill (Soil, Mulch, Rocks) +$200


Hand Carved Custom Made Crosses CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE

Grave frames/copings

Basic White Wooden Frame: $400


Natural Finish Wooden Frame: $500


Cement Coping: $800 (See below for Type of Fill and Pricing)

Custom Grave Borders: CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE

Monument Cleaning

Basic monument cleaning and polishing services CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE

Monument Repair

Repair broken monument CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE


Straightening of tilted monuments CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE

Grave Beautification

Cleaning of grave site (One time or Seasonal service, cost will depend on grave size, type of care and duration of care)

Grass Landscaping (Can be included in above service of Cleaning Grave)

Filling of frame with White Rocks $200

Filling of frame with Topsoil $200

Filling of frame with Red Mulch $200


Other Services

Cemetery Plot Deed $60

Repaint Wooden Cross $150

Repair and Repaint Wooden Cross $250

Repaint/Repair Wooden frame CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE

Purchase and installation of grave site lantern $120

Foundation for Marker CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE



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