How do I purchase a plot at your cemetery?

In order to purchase a plot we first ask to review all our rules and regulations as well as other information regarding plot purchase to ensure you can be buried at Novo Diveevo Cemetery as only baptized Orthodox Christians are permitted to be buried. You can then contact our office to make an appointment.

Can a person be cremated and then buried at your cemetery?

As per Cemetery Rules and Regulations: 3. The reposed cannot be cremated in order to be buried at the cemetery.

When can I install a monument?

Monuments should be installed no earlier than a year after the burial. Some people chose to install a monument before anyone is buried. In order to do so, all of your plots must be paid in full and you need to obtain an approval from cemetery administration.

I can not come to the cemetery but would still like to purchase a plot. How do I select a plot?

We understand that some people are not able to physically come and select the desired cemetery plot and location. You will need to fill out the Plot Selection Approval Letter where the purchaser grants permission to the Cemetery Administration to select a plot on their behalf. You can find that letter here.

How often is the grass cut at the cemetery?

Due to the fact that our cemetery does not have a perpetual care fee, the grass is cut at the discretion of the Cemetery Administration. Generally, the grass across the entire cemetery is cut every 2-3 weeks. Please keep in mind that workers will not cut inside your grave space. If you would like the gravesites serviced outside of regular schedule you can request a personalized gravesite care service here.

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