Novo-Diveevo is Open with Restrictions: Effective June 12, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Novo Diveevo Convent is now OPEN but with Restrictions. We Kindly ask everyone to review the current rules of conduct:

Entire Convent Territory:  AT ALL TIMES:

  • Visitors MUST maintain Social Distancing – at least six feet apart ( 2 meters)
  • Masks MUST be worn when less than 6 feet

Old People’s Home (OPH)

  • Remains CLOSED to all visitors for any reason
  • Please ensure the safety of our OPH residents – do not approach the building, and DO NOT approach any residents that may be walking or resting outside.

St. Seraphim Cathedral/Church Services

  • Cathedral will only be open during divine services.
  • Indoor services limited to 50% of building fire code capacity. This includes all clergy, servers, faithful.
  • Overflow must remain outside the building
  • We encourage people to come to weekday services, where attendance is less. SCHEDULE OF SERVICES
  • If possible we ask everyone to submit prayer requests online


  • OPEN to visitors, MUST ensure a distance of at least six feet apart, unless they are members of the same household.
  • Funeral Services and Burials will be conducted as usual.
  • Panikhidas (Memorial Services) – can be requested to be served outdoors at the gravesite.

Convent Book Nook/Welcome Center

  • Visitors by appointment only
  • Only one person may enter at a time.

Guest House

  • Remains CLOSED to all visitors

Convent Office

  • Hours:                 
    • M – F:  9am – 4pm          
    • Sat:  10:30am – 2pm      
    • Sun:  Closed
  • Phone:    845-356-0425
  • Email:

Updated as of July 9, 2020